Along with your purchase of the highest quality carpeting for your home, one important element should not be taken fore granted. This one element of the carpet is responsible in extending the carpet's life span – carpet pad. Since this pad is just hiding behind the carpet, its advantages are not obvious to everybody. This pad is just as important as the carpet itself. It is the one giving that comfort and cushiony feel when you walk on any carpet. It prevents premature wear and tear of your carpet. It reduces matting which is why carpets last for so many years. It is a heat insulator responsible for keeping inside your home warmth and comfort. It is also a noise insulator capable of absorbing sounds from footsteps and other noise. With all these advantages, it is best to choose the best quality carpet padding to match your carpet. The best carpet padding will give you satisfaction and value to all the money that you have spent for your carpet. Carpet padding which would perfectly go with the carpet of your choice also requires a little investment.

Carpet PaddingFinding Good Carpet Pads

Choosing the best carpet pads needs a little knowledge and careful selection. You have to know the different types of pads, the materials used for their manufacture and with the equivalent pros and cons. This way you will be able to select the best pad that will work well for your carpet. There are four types of carpet padding. Sponge rubber pads are made of natural or synthetic rubber. These pads are the most durable and perfect for high traffic areas. It is also resistant to insects, moisture and is hypoallergenic since it does not collect and shed dust particles. The only downside of this type of pad is that it is sensitive to heat. Urethane pads are made of polymeric materials which are also insect and moisture resistant however it is not suitable for high traffic areas. Felt pads are made of hairs and fibers making it less hypoallergenic and therefore it is not suitable for people with allergies. Felt pads are durable however it is not suitable in high traffic areas. Foam rubber pads are made of natural or synthetic latex. It is hypoallergenic, insect and moisture resistant but it may flatten in due time.

Now that you already know the types of pad, you can pick out the pad that suits you. But before you proceed with the purchase, it is best for you to look for some discount carpet pads. You can find these on your local carpet retailer or you may purchase it online. Cheap carpet pads may be inexpensive but you have to check its quality. It will not be difficult for you to select the best pad this time because you already have enough knowledge on the types of pad and their characteristics. You are now close on getting the perfect pad for your carpeting at home.

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