chimney caps (31357)Choosing the Best Chimney Caps

How many people will love to have a chimney at home? Having a chimney gives you home that cool feeling that you don't get from having a central heating during winter. With every good thing comes responsibility. That is why those who have a chimney or are thinking of a house with a chimney will want to make sure that they take into consideration choosing the best chimney cap. Here are a few questions below about chimney caps and what you need to know.

Question: You have always wanted a house with a chimney. You have also heard about the importance of chimney caps. What are Chimney caps and are the worth the money?

Answer: Chimney caps are metal cover placed on top of chimneys for various reasons. Almost all chimney caps are designed to prevent debris, animals like bird or squirrels to gain access into your house through the chimney shaft. You also have wind directional chimney caps that will prevent wind from blowing debris or smoke back into the house.

Chimney caps are very useful as they can provide better safety to those who have the luxury of having a chimney at home. Most chimney caps are not cheap and they are neither too expensive to buy. If you have a chimney, there is the likelihood that you will have enough money to buy a chimney cap.

Question: You heard about horror stories relating to chimneys. You are obviously concerned because you don't want to be part of the statistics. Can Chimney caps prevent fire hazards that are commonly associated with chimneys?

Answer: If you have a chimney, you are obviously worried about safety. Most chimney fires are due to neglect and lack of maintenance. If you do not take the time to regularly clean out the soot that has accumulated on the years, you might have a potential fire hazard in your chimney.

A chimney cap will not prevent fire cause by soot igniting in the chimney shaft. However, a chimney cap will prevent wind blowing debris back into the chimney shaft. During high winds, a chimney cap can prevent hot coat been blown onto you carpet or to other flammable furniture. That is why you protecting open chimney fire is important and a chimney cap is only part of the precaution.

Question: You are more or less interested in a chimney cap. You probably don't have an idea of how to fit one or how much a chimney cap cost. How much do chimney caps really costs?

Answer: How much are you willing to pay to buy your chimney cap? You can buy the Duratech All-fuel stainless steel chimney cap with spark arrestor at Northlines Express, Woodland Direct, BuilderDepot for $62.

The HY-C Company CB CBC99 Chimney Cap with Tab Screws can be bought at Homeclick, Home Improvement Supersto for $35. There is also an offer at Gelco for a Copper single-flue Chimney Cap for a "hot" $220. You can buy Gelco chimney cap from Ventingpipe, BuilderDepot, eFireplaceStore. If you don't like heights and you are not great at DIY, you will be better off getting a professional to fit the chimney cap. You can opt to get the professional to clean your chimney and at the same time put the chimney cap in place.