Heart shaped diamond

Common Diamond Shapes

If you thought all diamond shapes were the same, you may be surprised at the abundant number of diamond shapes that are available. Most jewelers offer at least nine of the most common gemstone shapes, including:

· Round diamonds

· Emerald diamonds

· Heart diamonds

· Princess diamonds

· Pear diamonds

· Radiant diamonds

· Asscher diamonds

· Marquis diamonds

· Oval diamonds

Two diamonds that are the same shape will appear to look slightly different depending on the size and weight of the diamond, as well as the type of setting that the stone is placed in. The same ring worn on two different hands can also look quite different, based on the size of the hands.

Diamond Shape versus Diamond Cut

Many people mistakenly use the terms "diamond shapes" and "diamond cuts" interchangeably, but there is a difference between them. The cut of a diamond refers to how the artisan maximizes the features of the gemstone by creating angles and details, making the light go into the diamond and bounce back in the most brilliant way possible. The quality of a diamond's cut contributes greatly to the overall value of the gemstone, where as the shape of a diamond does not increase or decrease a diamond's value. When discussing diamond shapes, you are referring to the actual geometric shape of the diamond, whether it is round or oval, emerald or heart shaped, for example.

Choosing Diamond Shapes

Many selection possibilities of diamond shapes. If you or your loved one are buying a diamond, look at all the different varieties. Find the one that is most pleasing to your eyes, and that looks the best or just feels right when you put it on.

When choosing a diamond shape for someone else, it becomes a bit more difficult. For an engagement ring, many women prefer the traditional round shaped diamond, while others may enjoy having something more unique. A young woman or a hopeless romantic may prefer to have a heart shaped diamond.

When choosing diamond shapes for rings consider the shape and the size of a woman's hand. Long, slender fingers, can elegantly wear a pear shaped diamond, marquis, or oval shape. Small hands typically look best with round or princess shaped diamonds.

Match diamond shape cut and setting

Choosing Diamond Engagement Rings

Considering that there is such a wide variety of diamond shapes available, the most commonly purchased shape for engagement rings is the round diamond. Round diamonds are considered the "classic", and the stones are often set in yellow gold or platinum. In fact, any diamond shape other than round is considered to be an untraditional shape, since the round diamond is so popular.