Best Diets

Everyone is looking for the best diet to meet their needs, but there is no one diet that is best for everyone. There is a good diet for an individual person. Everyone is different and one diet that works well for one person may not work for another person. That's why you have to choose the one that is will work for you.


  • Weight Watchers -This diet probably is a good plan for someone who wants to be able to eat most anything. It is designed to be most convenient to your lifestyle. You can eat anything as long as you count the points or work it into your plan. It is a very relaxed way to lose weight. There are meetings you can attend weekly as well. There is an internet site also which has lots of tools that are useful for recipes and ideas.
  • Mediterranean diet - This is a very healthy lifestyle plan. There are certain foods that you should eat in order to be successful on this one. You could probably follow this plan very easily but the foods are specific. Although, they are healthy, you may get bored with this one. If you want more variety, this it may not be the best diet for you.
  • Cabbage soup diet - The cabbage soup diet is designed to be used for 7 days. You will lose more weight, maybe up to 10 pounds then on a normal plan. It is a good plan to super charge your mind to get started on a new path so you can begin losing weight. It will help break your sugar cravings and super cleanse your body. You are not supposed to stay on it for anymore than 7 days and then you have to be off of it for 2 weeks. The foods are soup, and mostly vegetables and fruits, although there are some days you will have beef. The Cabbage soup diet is the best diet when used as a prelude to a healthy diet which you can stick to and lose weight regularly.
  • Herbalife - The Herbalife diet is a shake plan with herbal supplements. To lose weight, you have to do two shakes a day as replacement meals. For your third meal you can eat a balanced meal. You will also take herbal supplements to curb your appetite and charge your body with energy. This is a great for you if you don't mind shakes. If you get sick of shakes after a while, this may not be the one for you.



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