Most people do not understand the complexities of running an electrical, HVAC, plumbing, or other service related business.  Cities are not as small as they used to be so it’s not as easy as just writing down a customer’s address and a time to swing by on a notepad anymore.  Most companies turn to dispatch software to keep their business and customers in order.  Dispatch software can assist in routing, dispatching, and scheduling for a medium or small business that doesn’t have the luxury of hiring an entire team to handle these tasks.  There are numerous dispatch software suites on the market today, but there are a few specific things that a company should look for when deciding which software to choose.

       It is important that any dispatching software is able to work with other software that is currently used by a company.  It isn’t economical or productive to have two programs that both perform a task for a company, but cannot interact together.  For most small to medium businesses this means a program that can work with Quickbooks.  There should be seamless integration between the dispatch software and Quickbooks for anything from transferring lists to creating invoices.

       Most small and medium businesses already have full customer lists and information loaded into their Quickbooks software.  Sometimes bringing a new program into the mix of a company can mean countless man hours transferring all of this data into their new dispatch software.  Some software actually takes care of this for you.  Any business considering new dispatch software should first check that the program will integrate with what they are already working with, because these software suites do exist and can save a company money right from the start.

Customer Service
       Unfortunately many software companies are content with selling their products, including an instruction manual, and sending users off on their own.  This is not the way a good software company should work, and it is especially difficult for a company that uses dispatch software.  Any dispatch software should come with the knowledge that the company that develops it is going to help the customer if they ever need it.

       It is important to ensure a company maintains a customer service line or “help desk” for any problems that may arise with their software.  Business owners should also look for a software suite whose developer will not charge them extra for repeat calls or emails to the help desk.  Service professionals are not IT experts, so it’s important that the experts who developed the software be available to help the companies that help keep them in business.

       Though more difficult to find in the dispatch software industry, a company should also try their best to find a company that will actually come to their place of business and show them how to work the new software.  Some companies will actually come to setup and install their dispatch software onto their customers’ networks.  There are even companies that give one-on-one training classes to ensure a business owner is fully aware of all of the capabilities of their new program.  If software developers are willing to go this extra mile for their customers then they can likely be trusted to provide a good product and good service.

Additional Services
       There are a few software choices out there that can meet a company’s dispatch and scheduling needs, but there is a small group that goes the extra mile.  Some companies actually offer mobile integration with their software packages.  These companies actually create apps that allow their customers to use the software suites on the go.  These apps allow users to see full job information, job history, and even maps with directions from job to job.

       Though software companies have choices in what mobile platforms to use for their software, it’s smart to go with a company that uses Apple devices.  Apple devices provide better security and support than other mobile platforms.  On top of that, Apple products are more widely distributed than other devices, so their integration capabilities are bar none.

       Choosing the right dispatching software is no easy task.  This software is going to have a permanent effect on a company’s future and will directly affect that company’s customer satisfaction rating.  Knowing what to look for in dispatching software company is essential in choosing the right software.  Making the right choice can save a company time, money, and hassle.