When selecting a new eye shadow, it can be tempting to grab your favorite color or to reach for the shade that most closely resembles your eye color. However, applying certain loud colors (such as hot pinks and turquoises) to your eyelids will often draw attention to the eye shadow itself instead of to your eyes. Similarly, applying a shadow that is the same color as your eyes will only diminish their shine.  The goal in using an eye shadow is to make your eyes "pop," not to tone down the color of your eyes. To achieve this goal, you will need to invest in a shade of eye shadow that complements not only your eye color, but your hair color and skin tone. 

 A basic rule with eye shadows is that different shades are pleasing to different eye colors. Whatever your eye color may be, you should always find a shade of eye shadow that stands in balanced contrast to that color.   For example, if your eyes are blue, you should consider a shadow that contains some orange tones, such as a peach, rust, or copper. Silvers and deep violets also work well with blue eyes, as do many brown tones, such as chocolates and taupes. Brown tones tend to highlight green and hazel eyes as well. You can also consider a variety of purple hues if your eyes are green or hazel.  Brown eyes are the most versatile when it comes to eye shadows; since brown is a neutral color, any shade of shadow can accentuate brown eyes. 

Once you have chosen the general color of your eye shadow, you should consider such factors as whether you are blonde or brunette and whether you are of a fair, olive, or dark complexion. These factors determine whether you should choose a softer or a deeper shade of eye shadow.  For example, if you have green eyes, blonde hair, and fair skin, a lighter shade of purple eye shadow would suit you best.  If you have green eyes, dark hair, and olive skin, a deeper purple shadow would be the most flattering. Considering your hair and skin color when choosing a particular shade of eye shadow will ensure that your eye makeup is neither exaggerated nor understated. 

Eye shadow can be a great asset to your overall look if you select a shade with careful consideration. If you work to tie your eye color, hair color, and skin tone together in picking a shadow, your eyes will surely be "popping."