Family dome tents are a great investment for everyone who loves to go camping on vacation. Camping is one of the cheapest ways you can go on vacation, with the tent being the main thing you need to buy. Most quality family dome tents will cost between $100-$200, but there are a few that are cheaper. While it is good to stick to a budget while camping, be sure that what you will buy is high quality. To get your money's worth, you want a family tent that will last for many uses, whether you camp once a year or several times a summer.

Most family dome tents will fit four to five people. This is good for families of two parents and one or two kids, or one parent and two to three kids. If more people are going camping, go with something larger, like a model that can hold up to eight people. Unless you don't mind a cozy fit, try to buy a model that will hold one more person than is going on a camping trip. Most of these larger tents have room dividers which allow for some privacy.

Coleman Red Canyon Modified Dome Tent

Coleman fColeman Family Dome Tentamily tents are highly popular with campers and the Red Canyon model is no exception. It is well liked because it is affordable, large, and good quality. It has over 70 reviews on Amazon where it maintains a four and a half out of five star rating. Its list price is $145, but of course it sells for less than that.

It is one of the largest family dome tents on the market. It holds up to eight people, so it is good for big families or smaller families who like to invite cousins or friends with them when they go camping. Its measurements are 17 feet by 10 feet. The center of it is 72-inches high. You can set it up so it is one big space, or create three different rooms using the included room dividers.

This should protect you from the rain, but it is always a good idea to seal the seams before you go out. It is pretty fast and simple to setup using the shock-corded poles. One person can setup the tent, but it will be easier for two people to get the rainfly over the top.

The main negative of this dome family tent is also its biggest draw: its size. Make sure that where you are camping will have plenty of room for you to set up. Also, this is not good for the winter. The ventilation that this model gets makes it ideal for the summer, but not suitable for cold weather.

Wenzel Pine Ridge Family Dome Tent

IWenzel Pine Ridge Family Dome Tentf you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider buying the Pine Ridge from Wenzel. It has a list price of $80, but sells for less. It doesn't have a lot of customer reviews at the moment, but it does get a three and a half star rating.

This model is a four or five person tent, so it will comfortably fit a family of four or one adult and four kids. Its dimensions are 10 feet by 8 feet, with a center height of 5 feet. It has a hanging divider curtain that will let you make two rooms in it.

It is comfortable for summer weather with its one mesh window, two mesh doors, and mesh room allowing for ample ventilation. It is easy to set up with hock-corded fiberglass poles. Rain shouldn't be a problem with the tub style floor and the polyester construction with polyurethane coating. The only problem with this model is the zipper. Multiple customers reported having zipper problems. Unfortunately, a defective zipper can ruin a whole tent. Before buying this model, check to see if the ten year warranty covers zipper problems.

Columbia Bugaboo II Geo Dome Tent

Columbia Family Dome TentIf you want to camp in style, look into the Columbia Bugaboo II Geo Family Dome Tent. With a list price of almost $200, it is the most expensive model on this list but it does have extra features that the others lack. It gets four and a half stars out of five.

It holds up to five people, so it is perfect for families of three or four. It measures 12 by 9 feet with a center height of a little over 6 feet. It weighs 21 pounds. It should be set up by two people, though one person might be able to manage it on their own.

This is an excellent summer tent that has good ventilation and weather proofing. It is designed with what they call the cyclone venting system which helps air circulation even when the rainfly is in use. The GoBe Dry rain protection system should keep you dry in wet weather. It has an elevated floor and taped seams. Even so, I recommend that you seal the seams before you go camping. This is something that every camper should do. It even comes with a seam sealer, so there is no reason to skip this step.

The nifty thing about this family dome tent is all of the extra features. It comes with two external storage lockers. There is also a gear loft, internal pockets, and cup holders. It even has a foot locker, which is a miniThese features can make camping more pleasant. They do take up some space, however, so don't expect that the full 12 by 9 feet is a livable area. Even so, there should be plenty of room for you and your family to move around in.

To help choose the best of the family dome tents, you need to consider your needs. Are you on a tight budget? Do you need something that is extra-large? Do you want extra features which could make your camping experience more enjoyable? Deciding what is most important to you will help you pick the right brand and model for your needs.

When it comes to buy, there are many options. Some people like to see the tents in person first, so they will go to a camping supply store that may have a model set up. The problem is not everyone has a good local camping store. Discount retailers who have camping supplies often have a limited selection. Online can often get you the greatest selection at the lowest prices. You can choose between an online retailer or go with a place such as Amazon.