blow dryer babylissChoosing the Best Hair Blow Dryer for Your Money

Before the invention of the hair blow drawer how did people dry their hair? They didn't sit outside in the sun waiting for their hair to dry. Long gone are those days. Technology now means you don't have to wait for your hair to dry. You can buy and use hair blow dryer to get the job done quicker and also style your hair. Another great thing about this invention is that you no longer have to buy those huge hair blow driers that are often seen at the hairdressers. That being said, you will want to choose the best hair blow dryer that will be worth your money. How do you choose the best hair blow dryer for your money?

Question: There are so many hair blow dryers out there. It can be really confusing to know which one to buy. How do you go about choosing and buying a good hair blow dryer?

Answer: Choosing and buying a good hair blow dryer will depend on your hair type and how much you are willing to spend on a good hair blow dryer. Are you the type who will take the time to fix every little strand of your hair? Do you have really long hair that can take hours to dry hence, you need a powerful hair blow dryer? Do you travel often and do you need a small hair blow dryer to carry along with you on your travel? Choosing a good hair blow dryer is not always dependent on the brand but it is more about the power of the hair blow dryer. You also need to pay attention to the amount of heat generated by the hair blow dryer. Can you also control the amount of heat the hair blow dryer delivers?

Question: Cheap is at time good. You have seen some fancy looking hair blow driers that are also inexpensive but you are not sure if they are worth buying. Are cheap hair blow driers what the money?

Answer: There a many different brands of hair blow driers and teenagers with little budgets will naturally gravitate towards cheaper hair blow driers. The problem is not often about how much your hair blow dryer cost but how much heat it will deliver. Generally speaking, the cheaper your hair blow dryer the more likely it will deliver less heat and it will be less powerful. If you don't have thick long hair, you will probably get a good deal buying a cheap hair blow dryer. If you are never in a hurry a cheap hair blow dryer will also not be a problem. That is why beauty salons invest in good powerful hair blow driers because they don't have time to waste.

Question: You want to get good return on your investment in a hair blow dryer. You don't want to feel ripped off. How much should you pay for a good hair blow dryer?

Answer: Choosing and buying a good hair blow dryer will depend on your hair type and your wallet. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Ionic hair Blow Dryer can by bought a Folica for $130. Sedu Ultrapower Professional Tournaline Ceramic hair Blow Dryer at Amazon for $150. Any hair blow dryer not within the $100 range is probably not powerful enough. However, if you cannot afford such an expensive blow dryer, you can opt for the following: Babyliss Pro Super Turbo 2000 Watts hair Blower dryer at amazon for $60; Andis 82005 1875 Watt Pro Ceramic Ionic Hair blow Dryer at amazon for $50