Trying to find the best health insurance plans can, for many people, seem like a dream or necessity that is simply unattainable. However, those individuals may be surprised to find out just how affordable some plans can be, even for larger families.

The key is to doing your homework before jumping into any plans and knowing what you and your family needs and what you expect to get from your families health insurance coverage. Many companies offer a wide range of plans and some can even customize plans to better fit your individual family needs.

Here are some steps you should take and consider before deciding on the best health insurance provider for your family:

Find out: What coverage will you need? You need a plan that covers and or allows which or all of the following:

• regular visits to the doctor
• freedom to choose you own physicians and emergency facilities
• hospital stays - extended and short term
• Emergency hospital visits
• Inpatient and outpatient surgery
• prescription coverage
• labs and tests
• preventative treatments
• treatment for preexisting conditions
• major illnesses and diseases
• extended hospital stays
• accident coverage
• death
• work related injury

After you have figured out what coverage you need here are the questions that you have to consider and write down that you will need to have answered in order to be able to really choose the best health insurance plans and providers:

• How much is my deductible?
• Can I choose my own doctor
• How much are my monthly premiums?
• How do they handle reimbursement?
• Are there co-pays? If so, how much?

Start doing a health insurance comparison by reviewing providers and the best health insurance plans that they offer. To do this you simply have to do an online search for health insurance comparison or quotes and you should get a broad list of results to get you started. I'd suggest starting with sites that offer health insurance quote comparisons, these will help you to eliminate several sites at once and save you some time in the long run.

If you find a few companies that on the surface seem OK and the prices seem fair then go through your list of needs and questions and compare them to what is offered in each of the plans this will help you to best choose the health insurance plans and company that can meet your families needs best.

You can get this information online as well as by calling numbers in your local phone book. DO NOT, however, make a decision or choose a provider before you have all of your facts and have had all of your questions answered and know exactly what is being offered and what to expect completely under their coverage options.

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