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Since the discovery of water jet cutting, high pressure water cutting tools have been used as among the most reliable and effective means to cut different types of solid materials. This cutting mechanism has been proven to have consistently and progressively developed to ensure that it can be fully maximized as an operational apparatus that uniquely cut various materials. This work of genius has been very useful to many industrial companies and organizations to make the fabrication of their products accurately cut.


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High pressure water cutting tools provides a very precise output and can do the cutting faster than any other cutting devices. This is one of the marvelous works of engineering that makes torrential works easier and undemanding. With a proper knowledge on how to use this water cutting tools, operation will never be as difficult as it seems. There is a great deal of fast performance, higher productivity, and an exceptional quality of the cut materials with the use of high pressure water cutting tools. Since its beginning in the early 1970s, high pressure water cutting tools have constantly increased. It only uses one method, to increase the water pressure so that the stream moves swiftly, reduces in diameter, and uses less coarse which eventually creates a perfect output.

High pressure water cutting tools cut faster than any other methods. It uses an impressively lesser percentage of abrasive, brings a lower part cost and tremendously quick and very easy to maintain. The use of pressurized stream of water is one of man’s greatest inventions that guarantee premium service and outcome. Although it has been proven to perform remarkably, high pressure water cutting tools are still being studied and experts still continuously search for ways to improve and enhance its functioning or operations to bring it beyond perfection.

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This unique invention of water cutting is more useful, efficient and economical than the traditional and average cutting machineries. Thus, it is meant for different applications where it can work undeniably well and faster. But how does this machine works and how reliable it is? It is a little bit mysterious how water can cut through solid materials. But with the occurrence of this distinct machine, we can say and prove that nothing is really impossible. It works for many decades and until now; it is used very effectively by so many people and commercial groups to help them increase their productivity with high-quality standards at a lower cost – that’s how high pressure water cutting tools work.

Waterjet Cutting: Looking at its History and More

This cutting method can even be traced back to the hydraulic coal mining in Russia and New Zealand where water was used as a means to wash a rock face that was blasted to carry away the loose coal and rock. The gold mining industry in South Africa, however, redeveloped this method and in the 1800s the Gold Country of California first used pressurized water to dig out softer gold rock from the surfaces of mining. The water that had been pressurized made their gold mining job a little bit easier though a little bit dangerous if not carefully done. Later on, this pressurized water method had reach to Russia and Prussia and in 1930s, the first attempt to rock cutting with the use of pressurized water was done by Russia by the use of water cannon generating a pressure of seven thousand bars.

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The development of pressurized water cutting technology was beginning to remarkably develop in 1970s in the United States of America, with systems that have the capacity to generate up to  40,000 Bar pressure. The pressurized water mining development after this involved the amalgamation of drill with water jet. The year 1972 was crucial to the water jet cutter history when Michigan’s Prof. Norman Franz and the McCartney Manufacturing Company installed the first industrial water jet cutter and it was set up in Alton Boxboard. That paved the way to the development of more powerful high pressure water cutting tools until rough water jet systems were introduced to cut through ceramics and metals. From there, water jet cutting industry took off.

Looking At the Many Applications of Water Jet Cutting

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With the unique feature and ability of water jet cutting, there are numerous applications where it is more useful and economical than many other types of cutting machinery that exist. Water jet cutting is used mostly to average materials, those that not too hard like wood, plastics and aluminum. But abrasives make it possible to cut stronger materials such as steel. Water jet cutting applications include printed circuit boards where water jet cutting is commonly used to incise smaller boards from a large piece.

Wire stripping is a unique application that can be utilized efficiently in cutting; it is powerful enough, faster and effective than any power to strip wires. Tool steels application is also among the applications in water jet cutting, which is very valuable since tool steel is definitely hard to cut when using the traditional cutting machines. Another application is called woodworking which abrasive waterjet machining can be used for.

The process of high pressure water cutting tools is quite magnificent. Look at it, the water runs from a pump, through plumbing and out a cutting head. It is a very easy, uncomplicated process; a simple operation that is very effortless to maintain though it incorporates extremely intricate materials, technology and design. It requires science and technology to create this wonder – generating and controlling water at pressures of 87,000 psi really needs a genius. 


Packed with a very thin stream that involves an extremely detailed geometry, high pressure water cutting tools ensures very minimal loss of material due to cutting – a non-heat cutting that incises very thick and very thin, very fast, from hard, soft, to light materials, cutting is really possible with this marvelous equipment. No wonder various companies all over the world consider using this creation in their quest to provide the best and fastest service when it comes to cutting materials. High pressure water cutting tools make a great difference in the success of science and technology and engineering – a masterpiece that could last throughout human history.