It doesn’t matter if you rent an apartment or own a house of your own, home security is something you should think about often.  Knowing that your home is safe from outside threats will help ease your mind both when you’re away for the weekend, at work for the afternoon or enjoying dinner around your dining room table.

Don’t fall into the rut of ignoring home security because your city has a great police squad. There are a lot more homes in your neighborhood than there are fire fighters and police officers. It’s really important that you do everything you can to make your home secure; don’t just rely on others.

One reason a lot of people tend to avoid thinking about home security is the expensive home security systems. Well, here’s a bit of good news – you don’t need a super fancy, expensive home surveillance system with all the bells and whistles to secure your home. While that’s always an option, remember that home security doesn’t have to break the bank.

Home security isn’t all about your home. The neighborhood you live in has a great influence on the type of home security system you’ll need. When you start thinking about your security, make sure to take into account your town’s public safety facilities (police stations and fire departments). While accidents and theft can happen to anyone, some areas are just more prone to it. If you live in a city with a lot of crime, you may want to invest in a home security system. If you live a relatively quiet neighborhood, you could install a security system, but it may be more beneficial to start a “Neighborhood Watch” program instead.

You’ll also want to take your habits and lifestyle into account when it comes to a security system. If you have a large family who is home almost all the time, you probably won’t have to worry a lot about a security system. If, however, you live alone and find yourself away from home a lot, it may be worth the money to keep your home protected.

If you aren’t ready to take the plunge and get a home surveillance system, there are quite a few small and simple things you can do to make sure your home is as protected as it can be. It’s easy to just think about the big things – like home security systems – and neglect the small things. Start with these basic security and safety tips.

  • Make sure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors work.
  • Don’t try charge non-rechargeable batteries (they’ll explode).
  • Don’t leave notes on the door telling people you aren’t home.
  • Install fire resistant roofing.
  • Don’t throw oily rags (or other flammable items) in the garbage can.
  • Turn your phone ringer off (or onto the lowest ring) if you are going to be gone for a long period of time.
  • Install interconnected smoke detectors. If one alarm is triggered, all of them will go off, which will help ensure you get out of the house quickly if you have a fire.