Surprisingly, there are actually a wide variety of options regarding what kind of flooring to lay in your dog kennel. In these modern times, we have created so very many different types of accessories and options for your pet that it behoves you to research a little, seeing both what's best for you and your situation, and the type of dog you have, as well as what is affordable. Prices range from pretty cheap, to reasonable, to expensive. But in this article, we'll just deal with the general types of flooring most people consider for their dog kennel.

About the cheapest one is mesh. It's pretty easy to lay down and set up. But it has its disadvantages, namely, that it's also not so comfortable for the poor dog over the long term.

Another fairly reasonable one is cement. The advantages are that it makes a nice floor, it's easy to clean, and it's long lasting. The disadvantages are that if you live in rented housing that the owner may not appreciate the little patch of cement in the yard when you move; indeed, you may need to ask his permission to put it there in the first place, depending on the owner's temperament (or lack of it!). Another disadvantage is that if you travel to visit family, or for holidays, then you leave the floor behind and will have to get a different kind of flooring anyway to take with you. But if you own your own home and plan to live there for awhile, then the advantages of having a cement floor may outweigh the above mentioned disadvantages and you may find it to be the best for your dog.

There are a wide variety in types and brands of temporary flooring. Rubber mats are easy to clean and comfy for the dog, but if your dog is into chewing stuff, then they're definitely not recommended – they won't last very long. There are hard plastic floors, some that you just lay down, some that you nail down with pikes into the ground (and then pull the pikes up if you want to move the floor). Both of these options are easy to lay down, easy to clean, and easy to pick up and move elsewhere, be it to the other side of the lawn or the other side of the country.

Whatever type of kennel flooring you end up choosing, make sure it's something you feel is convenient for you and your dog and that you will feel comfortable cleaning and maintaining. Dogs, like people, need a nice clean little home to live and sleep in.