No one wants to be left unprotected.  This is why we spend hundreds of dollars on insurance, backup and other important protections.  Online backup is a great way to ensure that your priceless computer files are in fact protected.  Think about it, would you be able to replace the pictures, music and documents stored on your computer if they were lost or damaged?

How Should You Choose From the Many Available Options?

Since there are so many online backup services available, it can be difficult choosing just one to protect all of your important files.  It is important to figure out what is important in an online backup system so you can choose from the many possibilities.  These ideas will help you narrow the many choices that are out there.

The most important thing to remember as you choose a backup service is that they aren’t all the same.  It is very unwise to simply select a program without first considering a little more.  Some services are free with various limitations.  Other services have high rates.  Free services usually make their money by showcasing a variety of advertisements from companies.  There may be many options available only from one company and not another.  Every company meets the needs of some consumers.  You need to figure out what you want and what you are willing to pay to really determine your online backup needs.

Remember that your usage will likely determine if a free service will work for you.  If you only have a few files, you may want to use a free service.  If you are constantly online or on the computer, a paid service will probably meet your needs better than a free service will.  Evaluate your needs, usage and other requirements carefully before selecting an online backup program.
Looking at each service and evaluating their offerings will help you make an even comparison between the many options.  It is a great way to find the service that will be best for you.  Make sure you investigate each of the following areas closely.

Available Features
While not always true, as a general rule, when you pay more, you get more.  Free services usually have few features and no customer support.  Paid services, which are often paid monthly or yearly, generally offer an advertisement free experience and many features including constantly available customer support.  This can be a big advantage when you need help.  Look at the available features from each company and determine which paid service is the best value.

Ability to Change
The ability to change is important in any online backup service.  As your needs change, you will want to be able to customize and change your backup experience.  Some services do not allow changes to your plan.  Others let you upgrade from free to paid services, switch plans and make other changes as needed.  This is very helpful and lets you get the most of your online backup experience.  You can always start with a free online storage site and as your storage needs increase, switch to a paid account with more room.

Yearly Contracts
Contracts are not good when it comes to online backup.  You should be able to change whenever you want without having to pay expensive fees.  Long contracts force you to stay with a company even if you aren’t happy with your services.

Remember you are protecting priceless files.  This means that you don’t want to simply go with the least expensive service to save a few dollars.  Choose a service with quality ratings that is known for consistently providing quality and consistent service.  A great way to find the ratings that will help you make your decision is to perform a simple search using search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.  Read online backup reviews from a number of different websites.