When you’re planning any special gathering, whether at your own home or some other site, there is lots of thought that goes into setting up the right accommodations for your guests, including choosing the best party canopy for your event. Here are a few tips for getting the right canopy tents to suit your occasion.

Number of Guests

When planning your party, you’ll put together a guest list. Ensure you get a party tent canopy – or two or three – which will allow all of your guests to be comfortably sheltered from the heat of the sun. You may also want to consider, dependent upon the season and the weather forecast, choosing tents with enclosed sides, in order to block the wind or keep the rain off of guests, if there’s a chance of showers predicted for the day of your party.

Dining and Refreshments

Not only must you be concerned with providing adequate shelter for guests, but you will also want to take into consideration the arrangements needed for sheltering food in a buffet setup or any other refreshments you have planned. Many people decide to purchase large canopy tents for providing guest accommodations and some smaller auxiliary canopies for shading food and refreshments.

Seating and Other Arrangements

Don’t forget to factor in adequate square footage for your tables and chairs. Even if this means you need to set up two party canopy tents in order to provide your guests with plenty of space to move about, dance, and sit comfortably, it will be well worth the expense in having your party come off as a ringing success.

You may also need to think about other arrangements, like where you’ll put a DJ or how you’ll have plenty of space for impromptu gatherings as people mingle. All of these are important considerations when choosing party canopy tents and one of the reasons that most people choose the larger models available, like the 20 x 20 party tent options which can be placed side by side to provide a larger party area for a bigger number of guests to enjoy themselves throughout the evening.

Canopy Appearance

In planning any party, you must always take into account the appearance of the event, including the color scheme and other aesthetic features. Party tent canopies can be embellished with decorations in order to create a cohesive party theme, but you’ll also want to select party canopy tents for events that projects a more formal or attractive appearance as well. Garden canopies have a very festive and classic appeal and therefore make an excellent choice for any special party you may be planning.

Party Tent Features

The time of year in which you’ll be hosting your outdoor party will also influence the feature you look for with your party tent canopy. For instance, evening parties in the spring and summer often work best with insect netting included in their design. This not only allows you to keep your guests more comfortable, blocking those mosquitoes and other bugs from pestering people at your party, but is also an excellent way to keep those bugs away from any food and drinks you serve at your event as well.

Keep in mind that the additional investment you may make in purchasing insect netting will pay off not only at your party you’re planning but any future events you host with your party canopy tents too. You can also take advantage of that extra protection in your own informal outdoor gatherings in your own backyard to keep you, your family and friends more comfortable throughout the warmer months of the year.

Another special feature you may want to also think about when looking for canopy party tents is attachable rain gutters. In the event that it does rain, you don’t want your guests being pelted by water when they stand near the edges of the tent, nor do you want water collecting on the roof of the tent and causing the party canopy to sag. Rain gutters can make your tent more comfortable and don’t detract from its attractive appearance.

Other Considerations

Whenever you make a “big” purchase, like buying party canopy tents, you’ll want to get the most for your money. Ensure you select a durable model of garden canopies or party canopy tents that will hold up well over time, making it possible for you to put the canopy tent to use over and over again for special events and for everyday use at your own home. Choose a model with a durable, powder-coated steel frame and a water and UV resistant canopy material.