Searching for a legitimate residual income business opportunity can either be the best or the worst thing that has happened to you. We've all seen the e-mails that claim "Make residual income every month from home by doing nothing." Unfortunately, these usually turn out to be scams. There are a few ways to have money trickling in every month, but it's difficult to know the difference between a scam & a legit work from home opportunity that will help you build residual income.

Ask what's in it for them? Is the ad asking you to buy something? Will they be taking a part of your residual income? Is it really just a scheme to get you to sell their e-book or poorly made website? Sadly, there are very few legit opportunities out there so set boundaries. If they will take a percentage of your earnings, make sure they are giving you something in return like added weight in the search engines. Otherwise you may want to try to earn passive income with your own site or blog.

Pick something you like. Many of the legitimate online residual business opportunities focus on producing some sort of web content. You usually earn a percentage of what the content earns for as long as it's on the partner's site. You don't get something for nothing, even on the internet. It's going to take a lot of work & time to build enough articles to really see earnings, so make sure you enjoy it.

Strike while the iron is hot. There are thousands of people all over the world looking to make an income online. This means that you will basically have to be one of the first in line so you can form a network or downline if the opportunity offers it. It also requires that you take a little risk with a smaller company. Look for one with a reputable website that doesn't require any money & don't put in more time then you can afford to lose.

Diversify. Many online opportunities will eventually fail, or become so over saturated that the money will stop coming in. Work for three or four companies at a time so you always have a viable residual income opportunity.

Be patient. It may take months or even years to find the right combination that works for you. While quitting your day job and lying on a hammock may be your dream you'll have to work doubly as hard to make it a reality. It might take years of working both your residual income opportunity and your day job at the same time before you can let one of them go.

Assess the risks carefully. If you are referring families or friends to your new opportunity make sure they know that it's not a sure thing so it doesn't create problems down the road. There are residual income business opportunities out there that can pay you for your work for years to come but it's a matter of first doing the research to avoid scams and so you'll know exactly what you can expect. Then you'll need to spend time building up your new venture.