Many people have visited a spa or hotel and taken a sauna or used one of their steam showers and discovered the benefits such as clean skin, relaxed muscles and a general reduction in stress. The good news is, you no longer have to use one at a spa because you can now buy a steam shower for your own bathroom. Although many people think they are a little expensive, for the amount of time you would use one, the convenience of having one at home and the benefits to health it is often money well spent. We will look at the types of units available which will help you in your initial research.

Basically there are two different types of steam units: the self-contained enclosures you can buy in stores or the kind you can build yourself.

The store bought type can be purchased in a wide range of shapes and features. The shapes that steam showers come in are semi-oval, rectangular, square, and half-circle. The shape you choose is basically dependent upon the placement that you intend for your steam unit. A half-circle can be placed in a corner. A semi oval unit can be placed along a wall. A square or rectangular unit can be placed into a space along the wall.

The price of a store bought self-contained unit will depend on its size and features. Most showers are small and are designed to accommodate one person. The models that are available for two people are half circular, rectangular, or semi-oval. The most basic type of shower is a square shaped unit that just has a generator inside to produce the steam. The industry standard is a 300 watt steam generator, and the temperature of the steam is controlled to not exceed 118 degrees Fahrenheit to assure consumer safety. The more expensive units include steam/shower and steam/shower/whirlpool combinations. Other features include water jets, telephones, and music players. You will find that one of these types of showers uses far less water than a traditional shower although you do need to rinse off after a good steam.

Building your own shower is far less expensive than buying one, but there are some things to do to. The best way to build your own enclosure is to adapt an existing shower you have. Your home-made steam enclosure should be air tight, so that no steam can escape. You will need to seal the roof above the shower, so that no water damage will occur which means you will have to build a roof onto it. You can buy an acrylic dome top or buy a stainless steel roof. A dome roof is advisable so that the condensed water will drip down the sides of your steam shower and not on your head. Next you will have to install the steam generator. To help you do this you should consult an electrician and a plumber. The final ingredient for your shower should be a bench or something to sit on.

One of these two types of steam showers will best suit your needs and they are certainly a fantastic addition to any bathroom whether building a new one or renovating an old one.