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Many families take advantage of summer camp to kill the out of school boredom. This is a time when teens can catch up with friends and enjoy a bit of freedom. However, there are many things to consider when choosing a summer camp for your teen. Some camps have very rigid schedules to keep teens on task while others allow more freedom to take part in whatever tasks they choose. You also need to be concerned with safety at summer camp. Make sure the counselors are felony free and that the camp does not accept troubled teens.

Ask for Detailed Information


Sexual misconduct has recently been in the news when it comes to summer camps. Over the past few years there have been man allegations and convictions. However, when you ask for information about the screening process for counselors you should also ask if there is a screening process for campers. Sexual offenses are not only committed by adults. The camp should screen each counselor and camper using the sexual offender’s database. This ensures the safety of your teen.

Ensure that the Activities are Age Appropriate

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On a lighter note, you should ask about the activities that are offered. Some camps have trouble creating interesting activities for teenagers. Paper Mache, painting plastic decorations, and cutting out pictures to paste together probably don’t score high on a teenager to do list. However, video game contests, karaoke, video contests, digital picture contests, and water activities will probably entertain your teenager at summer camp.

Find out Where Friends are Going

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The secret to choosing a good camp is finding out where your teen’s friends are going to camp. Try to get most of the group in the same camp. Also avoid camps where your teen’s enemies are attending. After all, camp is no fun if someone is picking on you or trying to start a fight. Make sure you are aware of the camps to avoid and those to consider.

Consider the Price


Summer camp prices can vary greatly. While one camp costs twenty dollars another costs five hundred dollars. If you can’t afford a high priced camp you may need to start planning early. Many teens host bake sales or yard sales to raise money for camp. You should make these plans early in the spring to ensure you have plenty of time to raise the money. You could even offer to split the cost with your child. You will pay half if your teenager raises half of the money for summer camp.


As you can see there are many factors to consider when choosing the right summer camp. Some factors cannot be ignored while other factors may have to be reconsidered. You can’t risk your child’s safety but you might have to settle for a summer camp that isn’t your child’s first pick. Start shopping around early if you want to make sure you can offer your child the freedom of choosing their favorite camp. A little forethought could save the day when choosing a camp above your price range.