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They say shoes can make or break an outfit. The way someone dresses can be complemented or undermined by the shoes on their feet. Shoes come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Some shoes are considered expensive while others are said to be cheap. The term “cheap” is subjective and depends on ones’ perspective.


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We all salivate at the prospect of shopping bargains and cheap shoes are usually at the top of any bargain-hunters list of priorities. Cheap has traditionally been associated with the shabby, cheesy, barefaced, tacky and a host of other disparaging adjectives. However, many will bear witness to the fact that cheap items are often of good quality and last longer than many of their contemporaries that would have otherwise coast an arm and a leg! Now when it comes to shoes there is a bewildering array of them being designed and produced each day. The average consumer is usually at a loss as to which one is the better bargain: a cheap unique shoe or a common expensive one.

Now when it comes to shoes, many at times we need/want cheap fashionable ones. By cheap I mean stylish but affordable shoes and not any piece of synthetic leather cobbled up together by an apprentice! To make the task of going through the massive number of shoe types, I will divide the lesson into three categories:

1.            Men’s shoes

2.            Women’s shoes

3.            Children’s shoes

Men’s Shoes

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While men’s shoes don’t usually undergo as many design and stylish changes as women’s do, there are still tenuous differences that depend on the season and occasion. They can decide to switch styles between casual and official wear, sneakers, sandals, loafers, dress and athletic shoes. Clearly, there is a whole wide world of shoe types available to men. The trick therefore is to choose a good quality but affordable pair for day-to-day wear.

Men's loafers are a stylish and versatile shoe choice. They're especially great for casual wear or fancy dressing, mainly because they add a relaxed feel to the attire. Dress loafers have a fashionable square-toe design, plus side goring that makes them easier to slip on and off giving these shoes a very elegant and polished look. It says of the wearer that this is someone who understands fashion and is confident of their style.

For many men, sneakers (some say it’s the icon of footwear) are not just a pair of shoes, they're virtually a lifestyle. But even if you're not a diehard fan, there are just some days when nothing beats a great pair of sneakers.  They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and available for a multitude of purposes. These great looking shoes will meet the approval of any guy who seeks a trendy, retro-looking shoe. Adidas shoes are true sneaker classics.

They offer plenty of personality packed into compact design built for comfort and durability they come in lots of updated color combinations to suit the fast-evolving tastes of the modern man. Other cool brands include Nike with their trendy Air Jordan range, and last but not least the ever fresh Puma line on hot sneakers. If one ignores their high-end generics, you are able to purchase a nice pair that is just as good.

The professional man will most definitely go for sleek, polished and professional oxfords which feature perfect-edged detailing, stylish square toe that easily match a fitting suit. Top picks for this category include Kenneth Cole and Calvin Klein. Two pairs of either brand say black and brown will have you covered. Again you do not have to go for their brands that cost an arm, leg and other body parts!

Women's shoes

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Clearly women's shoes are as varied as women themselves - but choosing the right styles depends on ones’ ability to select from the huge variety before them. Women are generally thrifty when it comes to buying shoes. Rarely will you find your sister or girlfriend for that matter splashing half of what you would consider a modest amount on a good pair of men’s boots. Their saving grace is that they purchase obscene pairs of shoes which are mostly priced very modestly.

They would rather buy lots of lowly-priced heels, sandals, flip-flops, flats, pumps, stilettos, sneakers, bootees and many more kinds. Take a peek into any woman’s closet and you’ll be shocked at the number of different designs of shoes in there. What is considered trendy changes frequently in female fashion circles. What is hot today may be very shady a couple of months later depending on the fair sex’s rarely- understood mercurial whims.

The number one concern that preoccupies a lady when she goes out shopping is quality. It’s ironical that their shoes while being cheap are often very stylish and comfortable. On average we men spend over eight times more on a good quality pair, a worry our sisters never have to grapple with. Depending on a lady’s mood and the occasion, she may decide to pick any of her nice shoes:  evening strap sandals for an evening out, a sturdy pair of pumps for the office or sexy flat sandals for a lazy Sunday on the beach.

On the whole, women have a pretty easy time buying shoes because of their fair pricing. Their only headache comes in choosing what to wear and when!

Children’s shoes

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Children too have plenty of pickings when it comes to cheap unique shoes. For kids’ shoes and baby shoes, look for pairs that have durability, good fit, comfort and of course the approval of your child who will be wearing the shoes. You don’t want your child nagging you that they don’t want to wear “your” shoes because they were taunted in school by their friends!


On the whole, expensive is not always best in choosing a good shoe. There are plenty of good bargains that can only be found by the trained eye which comes after years of hunting for good quality shoes. This way, one can save themselves the disappointment of paying so much money for an unimpressive pair of shoe, not to mention the money one will save.