More often you will seem not to realize when the time has passed and your little puppy almost turned into a healthy and strong adult dog. And even it taking care of your pet will seem less troublesome until now, this does not mean that from this point onwards everything will become easier. Having a dog is a huge responsibility and you should always give it the best care and attention because only in this way you will not only ensure he’s healthy and happy, but also establish a great mutual relationship.

Feeding your dog right is one of the decisive factors that influence your dog's wellness and health. But other activities, such as exercise, training, combing or regular visits to the veterinarian are equally important.

In the lines that follow, we will explore together some things you can do for your dog to stay in shape, so that his overall health and positive attitude will stay the same as time passes by.

Snacks Between Meals

Even if you feed your dog daily with the recommended amount, it will still beg for more. Dogs are generally greedy animals and the reason for this is purely genetic – when dogs lived in wild areas, they used to hunt and compete with the other dogs in a continuous fight for food. Although your dog has now a stable home, it will still have the tendency to overeat and not control the amount of food swallowed, so you must be careful to prevent it from becoming obese.

Refuse to give it "supplements" between meals, because this is not healthy at all. This also means you should learn how to ignore the puppy eyes when your dog sits near your table begging for a bite from your plate.

You will learn how to really love your dog when you feed it with seriousness and worry about finding the best treats for him. Even if you think that some of the the food you eat will also be healthy for your pet, it is always good to know what experts say as well.


If you intend to feed your dog vegetables, you should know that it will be unable to digest large pieces and therefore you will need to put them through a food processor or blender that will chop them finely or at least steam them well. This is very important because the digestive system of dogs does not function as a human one.

How Important Is Proper Nutrition?

Nutrition is not only important for the physical health of the dog, but also for its general condition, which depends on the right food. If your dog is not playful anymore, then this should be treated as a sign of lack of balance in its diet.

Losing weight may also be a sign of inadequate feeding. Other signs may be dull and dry hair peel appearance of skin, and increased susceptibility to infection. Nutritional deficiencies can also lead to serious diseases such as bone deformities, skin diseases, reduced muscle mass and even blindness. 

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