If you travel a great deal for business and are away from home for extended periods of time, then you know how important it can be to have a few comforts along. You need some basic items to keep you entertained and relaxed, something to let you get away from that slightly uncomfortable feeling of being in a less familiar environment.

Music can provide a simple but effective diversion and few hotel rooms provide it. There may be a small clock radio available or if you're really lucky, some music station on the television, but your options are limited and the sound quality is often lacking.

Finding a good travel radio is something that provides travelers the ability to assure they always have the ability to kick back and just listen as they wind down from a busy day. Sure you can take along an MP3 player or cell phone that will play some tunes but sometimes it's nice to hear something original, something you haven't heard hundreds of times already. The question is, what makes for a good travel radio?

1. Portability
Clearly a travel radio needs to be small enough to fit into luggage without requiring additional bags. Of course there can be a trade off however. If the device is too small, then the sound quality is apt to be reduced as well.

2. AC Powered with Battery Backup
AC power eliminates the problem of batteries that die too soon and battery back up is great for when the power goes out or outlets are unavailable. An adapter that can be used internationally is of course necessary when traveling overseas.

3. The Ability to Pick Up Stations
An external antenna will often be needed to pick up stations. If you travel abroad, picking up FM stations shouldn't be a problem. But to get AM, the radio may need to be switched to the 9Khz channel interval, not all radios will do this.

4. A Clock and Alarm
If you're going to tote an alarm all of the way across the country or abroad, you may as well try to minimize other devices that you take along. Most hotels will provide an alarm clock but certainly taking one along can prevent disaster if you're unsure. Having a travel radio alarm clock combo can come in handy. In addition, this means you can wake to music versus a buzzing alarm. Some may offer other sounds to help you fall asleep or to awake. They may also have a timer for auto shut off.

A travel radio may not be a necessity, but certainly they can make home seem a little bit closer when on a long trip.