The wedding scene is more popular than ever before. It seems like today everyone is hoping to have the perfect wedding with the perfect décor and style for all of the attendants who are standing up with them. There are some different trends for flower girls and ring bearers that can make picking out the right outfits easy for the bride and groom.

Bohemian Chic

Casual outdoor weddings need flower girls with a style that is suited for the outdoors while still being beautiful. Understated beauty can come in the style of a flowy ruffled dress and boots. This look will be comfortable and the shoes are perfect for walking on uneven ground so that a child does not tumble or fall.

Casual and Fashionable

 This look is perfect for flower girls who are a part of a non-traditional wedding setting. It features simple pieces that are paired together to look cute and comfortable without being too much. T-shirts with sequined designs and pettiskirts can look great with tights and glittered tennis shoes. It is a look that might not be for everyone but is perfect for that person that wants something different from everyone else.

A Perfect Little Lady

 A fancy ruffled satin or silk dress can look great on any flower girl. If a bride and groom are choosing an outdoor wedding this look can be completed by allowing the flower girls to walk barefoot and carry beautifully understated magic wands to complete the look. By adding the wand instead of the traditional basket of flowers the couple is choosing something whimsical and fun that will create unique memories for guests.

Vintage Grace

 Graceful flower girls are something that is quite popular. There are many ways to create this look that everyone can enjoy. The best is with a simple chiffon dress and a ribbon tied around the waist in the wedding colors. Ballet slippers in a complimenting hue will also look perfect and make this a truly graceful choice.

Pretty as a Princess

 What little girl does not want to be a princess? This look is every little girls' dream come true and a style that even the most formal brides will be happy with. It starts with the perfect child sized ball gown and is completed with fancy slippers and a flower crown. There are many different ways that this look could be made more casual and even dressed up more just depending on the crown that the couple chooses for the child to wear.

Ballet Inspiration

 A ballerina is always the picture of grace and perfection. To bring some of that style into a wedding a couple can have a custom tutu created. This can be worn with dance tights, a leotard, fashionable ballet slippers, a cardigan and a simple flowered headband. This look will be appreciated by family and friends as well as the little girl who will enjoy twirling her night away.