There is such a variety of cot bedding on the market today that it can be difficult for new parents to choose. Special designs are created depending on the gender of your baby ranging from Wiggle Wagon Lambs and Ivy portraying cars, trains, little boats or planes in dark blue and red color shades, to little girls' Tea Time cot bedding set in pastel colors of pink and green.Typical bedding sets consist of a quilt, cot bumpers, and matching fitted sheets and pillowcases to add to the decor of your child's bedroom. Quilts, sheets and pillowcases come in a combination of polyester and cotton, or 100% cotton and are machine washable for easy laundering and care. Some quilts even come with reversible patterns and can be used as a single bedspread after your baby has grown out of his cot and moved into a bed of his own.

In choosing cot type bedding for your nursery setup, you should take note of the rest of your nursery decor so the bedding matches the rest of your nursery. Parents who are particular in taste and design will naturally choose more elaborate bedding, while those with a more practical tastes will stay within the confines of a more reasonable design and price range. The market for baby bedding today is created for high quality and comfort, as well as for fun and variety. Therefore, whether you are interested in a traditional look or a contemporary style, you will be able to find the style you want with the flexibility in price range you can afford. Both price and quality will come into play depending on the bedding you choose.

A cot bed duvet set is another accessory that will both brighten a child's room as well as add charm to either a little boy or girl's bedroom setting. With a variety of styles, patterns and colors to choose from, these sets commonly consist of the cot quilt or comforter, a cot bed duvet cover and a matching pillowcase. Some parents opt to choose a plain white or plain colored duvet and then invest in a more elaborately designed duvet or even a few different duvet covers to enable them to change the decor of the room at will. It is much less expensive to purchase several sets of duvet covers than it is to purchase several duvets as well as easier to maintain. Duvet covers can be washed and maintained as simply as bed sheets.

You do not have to buy the most expensive baby bedding to have a nicely designed and inviting nursery. Quality for the dollar is the key to durability with multiple washings, and low quality bedding will get worn, faded and ugly looking fast. Buy something that is both good quality and affordable. One way to do this is to avoid brand name items; while cot sets featuring Mickey Mouse or Disney Princesses are quite cute, these liscensed items will also cost quite a bit more than bedding that is of the same quality but features generic teddy bears or flowers instead.

If you are setting up a nursery for a baby boy and Dad is a sports fan, you can get sports bedding that features particular sports teams but be aware of the fact that this kind of bedding is a bit on the pricier side. When it comes down to it, generally it is smarter to get something that is good quality, easy to wash, and of high quality fabric as opposed to being stuck on a particular brand name. With all the variety that is out there, it is always possible to find something that will suit both your needs and your budget.

If you are shopping on a limited budget, then buying the items you need second hand from an auction site or from a site such as craigslist is a good option for deeply discounted, and often new items. One thing to remember about baby products in general is that babies quickly outgrow them. Often baby items can still be in very good quality and in nearly new condition when baby outgrows them. One common pitfall with new parents in particular is to buy more than what baby actually needs; thus, parents have a variety of sets that have not been used very much and are in excellent condition. These very gently used items sell them second hand consignment shop andn online auctions at a cheap price. You can often get very good quality items this way, some designer items are especially a good deal. Of course, not all items that are sold second hand are in good condition and you will have to check the items carefully for stains and damage before purchasing, but shopping second hand is a good way to get the items you need without having to pay a lot of money.

Another option is to buy the cot bedding items you want online instead of at a regular store. Often online retailers offer deeply discounted prices and will ship your purchase to you free of charge; these places also allow you to return your purchase within 30 days if you are unhappy with it. You also can get a better selection online than you can from bricks and mortar retailer with some exceptionally cute nursery prints.