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We all know that having some decent floor mats on the deck of our car, truck, van, SUV, Jeep, or Golf Cart can make all the difference in the world. They keep our feet dry, warm, and clean. These days they do a pretty awesome job of containing the rain, mud, snow, and muck that we bring in with us. They also keep spills wrapped up so we don't wind up with a sloppy mess underneath. Or all over.

So we all know we need them, and that most of the stock ones or discount superstore ones are junk. So, we do what every warm blooded all American would do, and proceed to our favorite auto aftermarket accessories web store and find some we like! The choices are endless.

For the milder mannered Clark Kents, we pick up a nice set of floor liners in a gray, black, or tan color, with no decorations or logos, but plenty of coverage. Likely made of rubber or vinyl, they do a great JOB of keeping things corralled down there on the floor. They even have hump pieces or mats so you can protect the entire front even if your vehicle has a hump. Like a camel. These are solid protectors and easy to keep clean, just pull them out, brush or spray them off, and put 'em back.

For the more adventurous, there is a plethora of logo stuff out there to pick from. Your favorite cartoon characters, your alma mater or your favorite college, your favorite sports team or racing team, or your favorite car, or your favorite super hero are all ready and waiting to decorate the floors of your hot rod. Or you can do patriotic, religious, camouflage, hunting or fishing, or perhaps get into the peace sign motif again ( far out man! ). Then again, perhaps something with the Harley logo, or Skull & Crossbones, or Maltese Cross, or Flames would do it for you.

Maybe you're into something more feminine, and want to go Pink, or Supergirl, or Tinkerbell, or Fairy & Fantasy, or Hearts & Cherries. Or Dragons, Sun, Moon, or Stars. And then there is always something related to Poker, Pool Halls, or John Deere Tractors.

So don't hesitate or procrastinate any longer – just dive in at your local online floor mat store, and pick up a nice set of custom floor mats for the front and for the back. Just do it. And relax knowing that your floor is protected, and you are looking cool once again! And get back to the party!