In an ever more technological world, getting an online education is becoming more and more popular, and the movement is picking up speed. Online college has become a great way for someone to get an education without the need to travel.

But in order to enroll in an online school, one first needs to determine if a school is right for him. Let's look at five main areas of consideration for an online school.


Naturally, the student will need to look at the school's offered degrees. Does the school offer the degree the student wishes to pursue?

If a school does not offer the desired career, the student has no reason to investigate the school further - unless he is willing to choose a different program that the school does offer.

Once a program is chosen, how quickly will the student be able to complete schooling and get the degree? Would the student have the ability to advance at his own pace?


What sort of status does the school have? What kind of weight does a degree from this school carry?

If a school has the preferred degree but is not accredited, the student would be wasting his time taking courses there. He needs to find a school that is academically respected.


How do a school's tuition and fees compare to those of other, similar schools? Are the costs within the student's budget?

If a school has the preferred degree but is too expensive, it won't do either.


Research the school's staff as well as possible. Who are the school's instructors? What are their qualifications to teach a course?

On a personal level, how likable are they? This may seem like a petty requirement, but one needs a professor who is willing and able to work with him should he have questions about the course or the material.

Technological needs

At home, what will one need in order to be enrolled in classes at this school? What sort of computer will he be required to use? Will the student need Windows software? Mac software? Does it matter either way?

Keep in mind that online courses require the student to be up to date on current multimedia technologies and other computer applications. What skills will the student need in order to keep up with the class?

Will the student need to buy additional software in order to participate in courses at this school? How much would this software cost? Does this fall within your budget for tuition and fees?

Choosing a school is a big decision and must not be taken lightly. A prospective student needs to cover each of the proverbial bases and research the school thoroughly before making a final decision.