A Good Nights Sleep may Start with Your Pillow


When selecting a pillow there are many things you need to think about. Do you like firm or soft, or do you like feather or foam? You know it is time to look for a new pillow if you are waking up with a stiff soar neck and have to constantly fluff your pillow or fold it in order to get the support you need.


When looking at a new pillow you should think about several things:

  1. How firm or soft do you like your pillow?
  2. Do you prefere foam, memory foam, feathers, down, or synthetic material?
  3. What is your price range? (remember it is an investment in your health)
  4. What position do you sleep? (belly, side, back, combination)


Getting a good nights sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle and the perfect pillow for you is an essential part of a good nights sleep. Many studies have linked a poor nights sleep to a variety of health problems, including weight gain and lack of focus and concentration.


A side sleeper requires the most support and therefore a thicker and firmer pillow may work best for them. A back sleeper needs less support and a medium to firm pillow many times works well for them. While a belly sleeper usually needs the least amount of support and may best be suited with a flatter less dense pillow. Because most sleepers tend to be side sleepers if you are buying pillows for a guest room a firm one may be your best choice.


When selected the stuffing of the pillow, I suggest going into a bedroom store or department store and check out the different types available. If you are allergic to feathers there are some hypoallergenic pillows – there are even some feather pillows that are rated hypoallergenic. Memory foam molds to the contours of your head and may take getting used to for some people. Open cell memory foam allows for greater air flow and helps to keep your head cooler while you sleep, which helps to reduce the need for flipping the pillow which can disturb your sleep as well as your partners.


Caring for your pillow. Some higher quality pillows are able to be washed. Check out the tag for cleaning or washing instructions. Whether or not your pillow can be washed a zippered pillow protector can help care for your pillow and extend the life of your pillow. A pillowcase over the pillow protector should help extend it's life. Avoid sleeping with your head directly on the pillow because dirt and oil will damage and reduce the life of the pillow.


A new pillow can cost anywhere from $5 to $100, remember it is an investment in a good night sleep and a healthy life. High quality pillows may last up to 10 years while others may need replacing every year. Take the time and check them out in the store before purchasing, you may realize you have been sleeping on the wrong pillow all these years.