If you're looking to buy a new purse or handbag, there are a lot of things to consider. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you have a purse or handbag you are considering buying:

Is it the right size? Size can be a very important factor in determining if the purse you have chosen is right for you. How much do you have to carry? Is this bag big enough to carry everything? Is it too big? What size handbag do you prefer to carry?

Is it comfortable? If the bag you buy is uncomfortable, you will most likely never use it. Do you prefer a long strap or a short one? Do you like to have your purse across your body, or just hanging from one shoulder? Would you rather just carry it in your hand?

Is it durable enough? If you want your handbag to last a long time, you need to make sure it's strong enough to hold whatever you'll be putting into it. Are you carrying anything really heavy? Is there the possibility it will get rained on? Are you around children that might drag your purse around, or do anything else to damage it? Will you be carrying anything sharp?

Can it be organized? If you're looking at a large handbag, you might want to make sure there's a place for everything you plan on carrying in it, so nothing gets lost. Is there a cellphone pocket? Does it have a pocket for money or a wallet? Will you be able to find things easily in this purse? Are there enough dividers that you can organize everything you want to carry? Can you get into all the pockets easy enough?

Do you like the style? If you buy a purse or handbag that really isn't your style, it will probably end up sitting unused in your closet. Do you like the colors? Is the design too bright for your tastes? Do you have clothes that would go with this bag? If you're buying the purse for winter, will it match your jacket?

How safe are the things in your bag? Depending on what you carry in your purse, the risk of losing things is something to consider. Is there a safe, semi hidden spot to put your money? Does the entire thing zip closed, or fasten in some way? If your handbag were to get pushed or pulled around (say, on a bus), would your things stay inside? Is there a place to put small things, like jewelry, where you can be confident it won't fall out?

How much does the bag cost? It wouldn't do well to spend all your money on a purse to put your money in. Can you afford it? Do you think it's worth the price that's being asked for it? Will you get enough use to justify spending that much on it? Does the price seem much too low (if so, it may be stolen, or the price may reflect poor quality)?

If you can find the answers to all of these questions, you can determine if this purse or handbag is perfect for you. Good luck!