Choosing the Right School for Your Child's Education

What to consider...

When a child is born, a parent dreams of the future.  What will my child look like as they grow? Will they be healthy, happy, and safe? What will my child want to be when he or she grows up?  Choosing the right school for your child is essential.  There are certain things that must be understood about your child's education.

1) Your child will probably not remain in the same school for his or her entire K-12 learning experience.  School situations change due to many factors.  Some factors are; social problems, change in adminstration, problems with teachers, your financial or status, health-related problems, and the list goes on.

2) Your idea for your child to attend a particular school may not agree with your child's idea.  This is especially true as your child gets older.  Realizing that if they don't "buy into" your decision, this can change the way your child performs in school.  You both have to be "rowing in the same direction" to keep the boat on course!

3) If you do find a school, you will probably never been completely satisfied with your child's school.  There will always be some things that arent' the way you want them to be.

There are a few key factors that should be considered when deciding upon a school. 

Consider the location of the school. Check to see if transportation and pick up and drop off times work well with your schedule. Think about the stability of your residence. Are you moving soon or staying in the area? If you are moving soon and you know where, be sure to begin attending the school near your new home, even if this means commuting further for awhile to be sure to keep your child stable.  Moving schools is not that easy and children have trouble with this for various reasons.

Another important task is to attend a tour of the school and visit with the principal, the teachers, and vist some classrooms too. The quickest way to get a feel for the school climate is to watch how the students are acting. Also, how do you feel in the school environment? Trust your instincts.

Finally, take your child with you on the tour of the school. See how the other children respond to them.  If your child has special needs, this is particularly important.  Is this an accepting environment that understands and embraces differences?

These are all important to consider when choosing a school. You may do this many times during the course of your child's education here in the United States. It's the nature of our American School System at present., and even moreso in public education.  If time and thought are is put into finding the right school, you and your child will both feel more comfortable getting up and off to school every day.