Features of Virgin Broadband Packages

In this article, we will look at some of the features that will help you choose the best Virgin broadband and phone package that will meet your exact needs.

Which Virgin Media Broadband and Calls Packages are Available?

Virgin offers three major types of broadband packages on its fibre optic broadband network. The only distinguishing factor between these packages is the maximum download speed.  The options available are 30mb/s, 60mb/s and 100mb/s.  Bear in mind that the higher the “up to” speed advertised, the more money you will have to pay for the package every month.  You can choose any of the Virgin Media Broadband services and combine it with calls. When combined with weekend calls, it is referred to as Size M. When it is combined with evening and weekend calls, it is referred to as Size L. Anytime calls are referred to as Size XL. 

An Example with Virgin Media 30Mb Broadband

When you sign up for Virgin Media’s  30mb broadband, your internet package will include: downloads at  30mbps, uploads at 3mbps,   an unlimited monthly allowance (traffic management is in place), the Virgin Media wireless router or hub and the Virgin Media Security Software mostly meant for Windows Computers.

Signing up for Virgin Media Broadband 30mb and Weekend Calls (Phone Size M)

By signing up for this package, you will get unlimited voice calls to UK landlines and all Virgin Media mobile phones from Midnight on Fridays up to Midnight on Sundays. This comes with your standard broadband package. Only voice-calls to landlines in the UK that start with 01, 02 or 03 and Virgin Mobile lines are included in this package.  The phone-calls must only be made at the advertised times. The calls can only last for 60 minutes at a maximum, as anything higher than this will see you charged for the remaining minutes of the call. So, if you need to talk for more than an hour, simply cut the call before the hour is up, and redial to continue.

Is this bundle right for you?

If you do not make free phone-calls from your landline phone during the week but would like to catch up with old friends and relatives on your days off, then this is the right bundle for you. Although you won’t get free calls during the week, it still saves you a lot of money on the phone bills.

Virgin Broadband Plus Evening & Weekend Calls (Phone Size L)

Along with the broadband, you get one hour or less of phone-calls to UK landlines and Virgin Media mobiles all through the weekend and from 7pm to 7am each day.  The range of exchange numbers you can call is similar to what is available with the first package we looked at, and you should keep in mind not to exceed the one-hour limit.  The calls are unlimited during the advertised times, so simply cut the call and redial if you need to make more calls or if a call is about to break the one-hour limit.

Is this bundle right for you?

If you are among those that are engrossed with work during the week and only make calls during off-peak periods, when you have closed for the day, then this is exactly what you need, as you will be able to save yourself some money over an extended period of time.

Virgin Media Broadband Plus Anytime Calls (Phone Size XL)

This package is the same thing as the ones above, with the only exception being the fact that you get to make unlimited calls all through the week, without any restrictions whatsoever.  All the rules applied above equally apply here, however, so you cannot exceed the one-hour stretch, and you can only call 01, 02 or 03 numbers plus Virgin Media mobile phones.

Is this bundle right for you?

This bundle is definitely for you if you make a lot of phone calls from your landline during the peak working hours of the day. This is because all your landline calls become free for the duration of your broadband contract package. You just need to keep in mind that you cannot exceed one hour on any call you make, or else you will be charged for the overage on a per-minute basis.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How can one tell if he or she is dialling a geographical number instead of a mobile number?

This is simple. You just need to watch out for mobile numbers that begin with 07. As long as the number you are dialling starts with 07, you are calling a mobile line.

How can one tell if the mobile being called is a Virgin Mobile?

Unfortunately, there is no fast way to know which network a mobile phone belongs to by just taking a look at the number.  The only way to know what network you are calling to avoid incurring charges is by asking the owner of the number. Of course, you will have to pay for the few minutes you used for asking it is not a Virgin Mobile line; besides, you can’t just cut them off if they’re on another network!

What You Must Keep in Mind

  • Only direct dial calls are included in this package, and not the ones connected through an operator, for instance.
  • Dial-up internet access, fax machines, mini-coms and other non-voice calls are not included in the call allowance.
  • If you are moving phone lines to Virgin Media, you can always keep your existing number. All you need do is to specify this as you are filling out your application form.
  • If the Virgin Mobile line you are calling has not made a chargeable outgoing call in the last 90 days, it cannot be considered an active line; thus, you will be charged some money for any calls made to that number.
  • When you call a Virgin Mobile owner in a foreign country, the owner of that mobile is the one that will take care of the roaming fees, while the call remains free at your end of the call.
  • Individuals living outside the Virgin Media network will only be able to sign up for national broadband packages, but they can still add any of the call packages that appeal to them.

So, you now know the differences and similarities between all Virgin Media broadband and phone packages. 

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