power surge protector

Choosing the best surge protector

Have you ever suffered a power blackout? What happens when the power comes back and all your equipment are turn on at the same time, you get a power surge. The power surge can damage you equipments. That is why having a surge protector can be useful. Apart from the risk of fire and total destruction to your home, losing things like computers, freezers, telephones, sound systems to power surge and lightning strikes can be a painful experience.

How to choose the best power surge protector

Ground light: It is a good idea to buy a surge protector with visible ground light. That will tell you if the wall outlet to which your device is connected is properly grounded. This is important as the power surge will normally flow to ground. Old electrical installations might not have the proper wire cable to earth or ground. A power surge protector will not be useful if there is no adequate ground cable.

Switched surge protector: These are very important and can be more expensive. There are surge protectors that come with multiple switches. Choosing the best surge protector means buying a switched protector. This allow you to switch off some equipment whilst leaving the others on. If you cannot afford power surge protectors with multiple switches, you can buy a power surge with only one main switch. The led enable switched power surge protectors are good visual warnings.

Cable length and number of outlets: Overcrowding is not always a good thing with electrical appliances. Heat generated from cables bunched together can cause melting. You should paying attention to the number of outlets and power adaptors that will be connected to your surge protector. Pay attention to the space between each surge protector outlet. If they are too close, you might find that you will be unable to use all the outlets.

Choosing the best surge protector and lightning strikes?

Can a power surge protector protect your equipments from lightning? The answer to this is NO! That might be strange but if you have a surge protector attached to your equipments and lightning strikes close to your house, your surge protector doesn't stand a chance. The strange thing is that a surge protector only protects to a certain voltage. Lightning strikes don't come in 220volts. Lightning strikes can be thousands of volts and your little surge protector will easily be overwhelmed.

There is another side to the issue. If the lightning does not strike near your house, it can still damage your equipments. This is where surge protectors can help prevent lightning strike damage. The idea is simple, if the voltage emanating from the lightning strike is not too strong, your home power surge protector will help. There is also the problem of wireless appliances like wireless or cordless telephones. These appliances are more vulnerable to lightning strikes and therefore are more difficult to protect with home power surge protectors.

Can surge protectors protect wireless equipments?

Cordless and wireless electrical equipment are more sensitive to power surge. Lightning might be more of a threat than power surge. The more protection you put in place with devices such as power surge protector, the better.

How much should you pay for a home power surge protector?

Surge protector prices range from $10 to $30. The number of outlets on the surge protector and the brand will determine how much you pay. A little protection from your surge protector against power surge and lightning is better than none.