One who aspires to be a skillful Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter should also have a sound knowledge about the equipment one should possess. This is to ensure the safety of the fighters. Safety is after all a must for both men and women. Well, what is the equipment you need? The first and the foremost of the equipment is the Gi which can be termed as the official uniform for the sport. This uniform has to be worn by every competitor during the beginning days. The perfect uniform comes with sleeves that should reach the wrist when extending your arms in front of your body. Having longer sleeves enables the opponent to catch you and he might win the match. Since it happens quite often that the uniform tears during a fight, it has to be changed often. Moreover it is recommended to go for darker colors since a white uniform gets dirty quickly.

Sparring against the opponent is the only way you can show your skill in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. At the same time inflict no pain on the opponent. So wear feet protectors and gloves. These accessories are available both online and in any sports goods shops in your neighborhood. It is available in both closed and open palm designs. Your coach should thoroughly check the validity of this equipment as to the presence of at least half an inch of medium to soft foam in them. A mouth guard protects you from blows that may cause a broken jaw. Similarly wearing a groin cap is a precautionary equipment for men and wearing a sports bra is recommended for women. As an option, boys and girls under 16 years of age may wear a helmet too as a protective measure against frontal strikes by the opponent.

Keeping a note book with you during these sessions and a few related videos would do no harm in honing your skills. Watch other fights to improve your sparring skills.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu equipment should be kept clean so that it would last for an year or so before it can be replaced at a cost of a hundred dollars. In order to become an excellent Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter, you need to do a lot of hard training, the equipment has to be in a good condition and more than anything else, you need to have the willpower to improve your skills.