The pros of using Pampers are that the preemie brand they make is fabulous. They fit perfectly and you almost never have any leaks. They're soft and they also have a nice feature with the preemie and newborn styles. They both have a notch cut into the front, top panel of the diaper for the umbilical cord remnant. This is so the diaper is not rubbing or pressing against that sensitive area of the baby; that can be very uncomfortable for them. The Huggies brand also offers the notch in their preemie and newborn styles. The Pampers preemie and newborn absorbancy level is great as well. Overall, they fit nicely and you never really had any issues with them.

The pros of using Huggies are that from stage 1 and up, they are simply the best. The performance of them is exactly what you're looking for. They never leak, they have optimal absorbancy levels, they do not rub against or pinch baby's skin, and they're stretchy. The stretch factor that they have is so nice because that allows baby to move around comfortably and this is about the time that they will be starting to roll over and kick their legs. The Huggies also have a nice feature in the inside of the backside of the diaper, there is a little band that pockets everything inside the diaper to prevent any unnecessary messes. It's fabulous and I've not had a problem at all with the Huggies brand from stage 1 and up.


The cons are that the Pampers brand from stage 1 and up are not seem very comfortable to the baby. They are not stretchy, not as absorbant and the closure tabs don't stick as well. The inside of the diapers are blue (I guess it has something to do with the absorbancy) and it makes you feel like the color will rub off on your baby (even though it doesn't).

The cons for the Huggies brand are that the preemie and newborn styles do not perform very well. They leak terribly. Every time that I changed my baby, which was about every hour, he was wet all the way up his back and his clothes were soaked. I don't know why this happened, but it was very strange. It was every single time. That's about the time that I finally switched to the Pampers brand for the preemie and newborn styles. It got old having to wipe his entire backside down with soap and water and change his outfit along with his diaper every time.

Full Review

Are you having trouble deciding which baby diaper brand to use? There are so many brands and styles out there that it makes things even more difficult to decide which one is right for your baby. I will tell you that from my experience, I've found that it comes down to two brands that tend to perform the best. This is a strange subject, but if I would've known the answer to this when I needed it, I would've saved a lot of time washing clothes. The comparison comes down to Pampers and Huggies. I recommend both, but in different stages.

In Closing

In closing, I would strongly recommend Pampers for the preemie and newborn stages and Huggies from stage 1 and up in baby diapers. This will make such a big difference in the comfort of your baby as well as how many loads of laundry you'll have to do.

*Be sure you're getting Huggies Supreme, Little Snugglers. It'll make the difference.