Dating websites can be a profitable business for aspiring internet entrepreneurs. It might sound difficult and expensive to start your own dating website, but the reality is that there are many dating scripts available which are fairly easy to install and configure to your needs. There are both commercial and open source scripts available.

I previously wrote how I make money with dating websites through affiliate programs. By running your own dating website, you can keep 100 per cent of the revenue and you can even recruit your own affiliates.

I believe it is important to target a specific niche for your dating website, rather than just trying market it to the general population. Example niche markets include: ethnic groups, religion, a specific hobby or interest, or the site could be tied to a specific geographic location.

Once you have decided on your niche, you will then have to think about how you plan to monetize the site. Will you offer free memberships, trial memberships or will you charge for monthly or annual membership fees.

How you plan to monetize the site and what features you plan to offer on your dating website, will influence which dating script, you want to run. The more advanced features you offer, the more expensive it will cost to run your website. Videochat for example could be a popular feature, but it is expensive to run.

Another important consideration is how the script can manage membership payments. All of the scripts in this article offer some form of payment integration with services like Paypal.

Vldpersonals - Vldpersonals is a fairly basic dating script, but contains most of the standard features people would expect from a dating website. I have installed it on one of my own websites, which you can see in action here: Wealthy People Dating. The site is free to join, so you can join the site and see what features it has to offer.

Osdate - Osdate is a free open source dating product and is a great option for webmasters wanting to test the water with a dating website, without spending too much money.

Boonex - have a dating script, which is free to use on your website. Their Dolphin product has really morphed from a regular dating script into fully fledged social networking software. The software is fairly advanced and even includes multi-user video chat, photo sharing and blogs.

The software can be run on a shared server, but if you want to run the more advanced features like video chat, you will need to run your own server or at least a VPS (virtual private server).

Running a dating website can potentially be a profitable business for marketing saving webmaster and internet entrepreneurs. Like any business you need to define a target market for your site and choose the best dating script and business model which will attract the most members.