A wonderful Video just for you about a Happy Family Christmas

Have it all done for you with a lit LED Christmas Tree

As I write this yet another Christmas season is fast approaching. There's a nip in the air, and

November will soon give way to December - and here comes the BIG day!

However there is NEVER a bad time to shop for your family Christmas supplies. Those organised souls amongst us can find the best shopping for artificial trees and other products in the early or mid year when the best bargains might be had. So nevermind when it is, let's look at a couple of
truly beautiful artificial LED lit Christmas trees.

Number one on my list is this magnificent 7 and a half foot Douglas Fur, with an amazing 4556 branches and 850 multi color mini lights! These beauties have a rec retail of $650, but if you shop around, you can invest in this long lasting quality artificial tree for as little as $550.
Lit ChristmasTreeCredit: amazon

Lets examine some of its features:

  • 4556 branch tips made of hardy PE/PVC needles 
  • 850 multi-color mini lights, safety certified and UL listed. Locked in their 
  • sockets lamps will not come loose. String stays lit even if one lamp goes out. 
  • Multi-color lights consist of: red, purple, blue, green, orange, and yellow
  • 65" base diameter (at widest point)
  • Tree is sprinkled with lifelike burr cones
  • The pine cones add further realism to this hyper-realistic tree.
  • Comes with a FREE metal tree stand and a FREE light tester
  • 3-Piece easy assembly with hinged branch construction
  • Dramatic down swept long branches bow gracefully toward the ground
  • Material(s): the branch needle is made of a combination of Polyethylene 
  • (PE) and PVC. The molded PE creates a realistic Christmas tree while the 
  • PVC creates a fuller tree at an acceptable price range
  • The manufacturer supplies a 3 year warranty on the lights and 10 years on the tree.

This is defiantly not a $19 tree, but when you see its beauty and look at its long lasting features .... well there are plenty of Christmas's ahead aren't there?

Long after the price tag has been forgotten, the customers LOVED this tree; amongst 

a range of similar artificial lit Christmas trees

"I just love this tree. Very well made.... Plenty of lights - just a beautiful tree! Would highly recommend!"

"I purchased this tree after seeing on the internet in 2010 and immediately set it up when I received the tree. Very hard to take it down because its so pretty.... Just simply beautiful. No where in Alaska can any retailer offer a tree that is as beautiful as this and I looked."

"The tree is gorgeous, well constructed and is worth every penny. Fast shipping! Thanks for a beautiful tree that I'm sure will last years!"


Now to get 'lateral' on you. We don't all live in the cold traditionally Christmassy States do we? Some of us call the warmer parts of this country home, and yet we still love to celebrate Christmas.

So what about an artificial lit Christmas tree tailor made for the warm zones? A lighted PALM tree, of course.

Here is a picture of just one of the many available at a range of price points.

Lit Palm TreeCredit: amazon

 This one can be yours for under $300, but there's a selection of lit artificial palm trees a lot cheaper than that - starting at around $20 for a tabletop model.

This fine one pictured above has 212 leaf tips and no less than 650 miniature lights and a quality potted base.

Both the artificial traditional and palm lit Christmas trees come in a huge variety of colors. Everything from natural greens, to red, white, pink - you name it!

Take care out there!