Chotki as Fashion Statement

Prayer Ropes and Chotki

Chotki is a religious instrument, which helps us reach the maximum concentration level during meditations. But it doesn't mean that the Prayer Rope we use can't be beautiful. They can be worn as a wonderful testimony of your faith and complement your outfit. So placing Chotki in the accessories' category you should observe some general rules that apply to fashion in general and Chotki fashion specifically.

Bracelets and necklaces should constitute a fitting ensemble. You can freely combine necklaces and bracelets, but Chotkis, especially with cross-shaped charms can be a little too much when combined if you are going for a classic and discreet looks, still they also can be the perfect combination if you want to create some extreme and a bit eccentric effects. So in most cases it will be a matter of choice whether you want to wear the Chotki necklace or bracelet with the current clothes.

Accessories in general follow the same fashion trends as clothing when it comes to colours and materials. The beginning of 2011 was all about the bright colours on the cooler side of the red spectre – violet, purple and pansy. Fashion experts predict that the fall and winter of 2011-2012 will employ burgundy, tangerine and wine red classic colours,  the summer and fall of 2012 will return to pansy and the likes, but as a part of the greenish and bluish trends – azure, emerald and bright green will be the colours in fashion. This expected colour palette leaves many choices of material for the fashionable Chotki.

Classic pastel and tangerine shades of your clothing will be greatly highlighted by Chotkis made of larch, cedar or juniper wood or milky semi-precious stones. Bright and dramatic wine red and burgundy colours can be found in Chotkis made of mahogany, terracotta clay, corals and even polymer clay.

Chotki bracelets or necklaces worn with the predicted blue spectre clothes can contain lots of metal inlays because the metallic shine goes really well with the cold colours. Gold is not the best choice, but the whiter and brighter shades of titan and silver are sure to do the trick.

When choosing the most suitable Chotki or Prayer Rope do remember that you don't have to chase all the latest fashions to look fashionable, after all. A confident person always looks good. And even your Grandma's humble wooden Chotki in your pocket can do the trick if they boost your confidence and help you pray.

Chotki Prayer Ropes

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