What You Should Know About The Chow Rottweiler Crosses

A cross between the Chow Chow and Rottweiler breeds is called Chow Rottweiler. Both breeds are highly popular amongst dog lovers and a cross between the two is bound to be in high demand always. The cross is also known as Rottweiler Chow.

What Do I Need To Know About Designer Dogs?

Designer dogs are much sought after because of the cross between two popular breeds of dogs. While the Rottweiler has been popular prolonged time the Chow Chow breed is also very popular. There has been a rising trend in acquiring designer dogs because pet owners would like to get the best of two breeds in their dog.

How Big Will My Puppy Get?

The Chow Rottweiler can be medium to large sized dogs depending upon the size of its parents. The Chow Chow breed is very sturdy and the Rottweiler aquires a large size, and hence a cross between the two is will also be a big dog.

What Will The Coat Be Like? 

The Chow Rottweiler will have a longer coat similar to that of a Chow Chow which will be shiny and smooth. The Chow Chow has a thick coat and a Chow Rottweiler puppy will also have the same.

Are There Any Specific Coat Concerns Should Be Aware Of?

By carrying out regular grooming you will never have an issue with the coat. You must brush it every day to get rid of any dead hair and keep it smooth.

What Will My Chow Chow Rottweiler's Personality Be Like?

The Chow Rottweiler is usually very affectionate and good with adults and children. The Rottweiler breed was used for hunting in the early days and is a sturdy and strong dog. It needs to be engaged in activity most of the time since it is highly energetic. It is also very intelligent and you can easily teach your dog new tricks. These dogs are very stubborn and need to be trained well when they are puppies so that you do not face an issue later on.

They are very good guard dogs and usually bark when they see a stranger approaching. At the same time you may need to keep it under control so that it does not attack others. They are very good with children and play with them while they're around.

How Much Exercise Will My Chow Rottweiler Need?

You will need to take the dog outdoors especially for long walks to give it enough exercise. If you have kids in the house the dog can play with them and be active most of the time. Without enough exercise these dogs will tend to put on weight and will become unhealthy.

What Are Common Health Concerns?

Health issues may be the ones that are inherited from its parents. Common issues are faced by these dogs are hip or elbow dysplasia which is the most common health problem and cannot be detected easily in the early stages. Another problem is that of bloating especially from fluids or gas. This can be easily prevented by regular exercise and giving the dog small meals during the day. Cancer is also becoming common especially in Rottweilers but may not necessarily manifest in a Chow Rottweiler. Both breeds may show signs of heart diseases.

You must get your dog diagnosed regularly so that any health issues can be detected early enough for good treatment. A bit of attention and care will keep your dog healthy and give it a long life.

How Do I Know If These Dogs Are Right for Me?

Although the Chow Rottweiler can be a bit stubborn and sometimes aggressive, with proper training in the early days you can keep it under control. They?re very good with adults and children and will be happy to play with kids all day long. You will need a good amount of space in the house for the dog to play and be active. In order to ensure good health you will need to take it for walks everyday and make sure that it has enough exercise. Without exercise the dog will be prone to many health issues which can be very expensive and also decrease the life of the dog.