With rifle in hand, you will be making a break for the used car dealership from the Big 5 store. As you get closer to the building, check out the cars and trucks in the parking lot to see if any appear to meet your needs. Some dealerships will be build like a secure compound where others will not. Likely, the doors are going to be locked but you may find a window or two that have already been broken to get in from--be careful from the shards of glass!

Safety and Security

It's going to be tough to feel safe in a used car dealership as the building will likely have large window. If not that, the building will probably be a makeshift trailer. Keep in mind that whether or not the dealership is large or small, the reason for dealerships is to sell--expect a lot of windows and open areas. If you are seen, zombies won't have too difficult of a time getting to you. This is not a safe or secure place to stay, by any means!


Most used car dealerships have a simple lock box or peg board where most keys are kept. Good luck if that dealership uses a computerized safe to vend the keys--you'll never get a car. If you have a choice, an off road truck would be ideal. Otherwise, any car with gas would do.

Long Term Solution

Do not plan on staying at a dealership for long. If your lucky, you would have to climb a fence but that would almost mean that there are guard dogs. Guard dogs would mean that there is the potential for those dogs turning into undead hell dogs! Also, you'll need to open the gates or take down the chains before you drive off - unless you drive over the sidewalk.

So you got yourself a car but that will only get you so far. You'll need to decide on where to go and a plan on how to get there. Keep in mind that many roads will be blocked so don't drive anywhere that may potentially get you stuck in your car or truck. A word of advice, if you are lucky enough to get transportation with a full tank, you will only get as far as the mileage will allow. This begs the question, where do you go then? Maybe you can swing by a gas station. Mmmm, that's an idea.