The science to turn average human beings to a zombies is not here just yet but I do always find myself reading ariticles on the advancements in medicine, government or not, and all it takes is for one freak accident to turn our sweet little society into more of the likes of a horror movie. Surely, there are many other places that come to mind but let us discuss this particular scenario in the event that you may find yourself held up at this location.

Safety and Security

Even in futuristic terms, McDonald's will never be safe or secure from the undead and it will never ever become an ideal location for such conditions. This restaurant is meant to be a friendly establishment and is represented as such by things like large viewing windows, a front door that is made almost entirely from large sheets of safety glass, and the low counters with usually no adequate object to prevent you from walking to the area in the rear. You definitely don't want to get stuck in the eating area playing musical chairs with the undead. If you happen to get stuck at the back, the only way out would be through the roof (maybe a good idea...I said maybe) or out the rear door. You definitely don't want to get stuck in the manager's office or the restroom as usually there is no way to get into the attic crawl space from these rooms. Certainly, you may find utensils or long objects to use in defense of yourself but you will certainly be fighting a crowd face-to-face and most definitely in close quarters.


While it may be convenient to find food at McDonald's, you may find that many of the food stored would become spoiled from a lack of refrigeration. If you arrive early enough, you could potentially find food that could be consumed immediately. Due to a lack of basic services such as gas and electricity, you could plan to build a fire to cook anything raw. Keep any activity such as noise, light, or burning to a minimum as it will most certainly draw attention to your location. Potatoes could be kept for an extended period of time while already cooked sandwiches and meats would surprisingly last for a very long time due to the preservatives that are used in many fast-food products. You should definitely locate the individual packs of shake mix and peanuts as they could be an excellent source of protein. Bread, though stale, will be very good sources of carbohydrates and should also be seriously considered as you may be doing quite a bit of running during these times. Otherwise, if in a crunch, packing the semi-solid oil and meat debris left over from cooking maybe your only viable alternative to food; it may prove to be handy in circumstances where you haven't eaten for days - very disgusting but it may just save your life!

Long Term Solution

Unless you have built a fortress out of the McDonald's, you will most certainly not want to stay at this location for long. As with any fast-food establishments, if there is a Mickey D's there then there is a good chance there are other places you can hold up - or at the very least, rummage through for additional supplies. If you must stay, I highly recommend blocking the counter area with the metal storage shelves, as well as the rear door. You'll want to ultimately end up on the roof but be sure to take care when going back down to the first floor as you may find a zombie or two roaming around the corner for fresh brains!

I break into a cold sweat just thinking about what I would need to do to survive at this location - it is just plain scary! You and I would have to get a grip with reality and make the best with what is currently available, ensuring that you pass on your skills to others in your group as you may find yourself prey to a cut or bite - in that case, your finished, it's only a matter of time. Hey, wait, look over there! I see a Big 5; let's make a break for it!