One of the most popular toys on Christmas lists this year is sure to be Chrissa from the American Girl Doll collection. Like all American Girl dolls, the craftsmanship is faultless and the doll is beautiful. She has a light skin texture, with straight brown shoulder length hair that parts down the center. The doll also features sharp blue eyes and comes dressed in a pink floral wrap that has a flower at the waist along with ribbon accents. She also is packaged with purple undergarments, a floral ribbon bracelet and a pair of purple shoes. She also comes with a pet mini-llama that is named Starburst.

"Chrissa Takes A Stand" was first shown on HBO on January 5 of this year and became an instant classic with the line of American Girl movies. The film focuses around Chrissa dealing with bullying, a topic that is very important to many girls today. As an answer to the large number of requests from families to the American Girl management on the matter, they determined that they needed a doll whose tale would take on this real and significant dilemma that affects of a large number of girls daily.

Chrissa is a creative and pleasant ten year old girl who has recently relocated to a new town in Minnesota with her family to live with her grandmother, who she affectionately calls Nana. Chrissa's mother Meg is a doctor, while her father Paul makes platewear for a local company. She also has a brother who is called Tyler who is exceptional in his knowledge of the universe and planets.

Their move to stay with the grandma is brought about by the passing away of her grandpa. When her grandfather was healthier, he had raised llamas with his wife. As the grandfather became more ill, the grandmother began to raise miniature llamas. She has 2 of these miniature llamas as pets, Checkers and Cosmos, who give birth to a llama called Starburst that becomes Chrissa's new pet.

Her Grandma lives in an upper class neighborhood and their home is on a lake. Chrissa is incredibly athletic and loves to dive and swim. She is thoroughly looking forward to swimming in the lake when the summer arrives. Chrissa is also very talented at sewing and knitting. Chrissa and her family had been forced to relocate to the new town in the middle of the school year. Because of this, Chrissa is a bit apprehensive about making friends at a new school.

As school starts , she has to sit near a trio of girls who are very cold to her She refers to the girls as the "Mean Bees". The girls tease Chrissa everywhere, including in school, at swim club and online. Chrissa makes a choice to stand up for herself, and be brave and strong.

This is a valuable tale for young girls to experience, as it depicts just how important it is to deal with these kinds of situations and how they can learn from them..

For the doll, you can purchase a good number of cute outfits that are designed to go along with her movie. The doll also features the miniature llama, Starburst, sledding and swimming clothing accessories and a bunch of dresses. As with all American Girls, she is packaged with her very own self-titled book.