When it comes to baptismal clothes, you can choose to go traditional or modern. The traditional type comes in white and can be made from silk or satin. The modern types can be made from cotton and other fabrics, with various styles, embroideries and colors, and can also include lots of accessories such as booties, mittens, bibs, and bonnets. There are also families that value their roots and they make it a point to pass on the heirloom christening gown on the young members of the clan. This says a lot about the family's cultural background. The concept is the same with how mothers pass on their wedding gowns to their daughters, who will also pass the gown to their daughters in years to come. Through the process, the material will reflect and remind the family about their history.

To make sure that the heirloom christening gown will be used by many of your family members in the future, you have to be extra careful when it comes to storage. Here are some essential tips that you must observe in keeping such a gem:

  1. First off, you have to check that the material is spotless before you keep it. If it is made from satin or silk, you have to bring it to the dry cleaners' and inform them about any of its stains so that they can pay attention to such. The material must be free from perspiration and body oils because these can cause deterioration to the gown as years go by. If the material has acquired sugar stains, these cannot be removed through dry cleaning, so you need to use other solvents to get rid of the problem.
  2. You should read the labels of the material before you clean it to be very certain if it would be okay to hand-wash or just dry-clean the clothing. When you are washing the gown by hands, you should use lukewarm water and you must never use starch or fabric softener. This must then be rinsed off with cool distilled water, and you have to make certain that all the residues are gone before you hang it dry.
  3. The material, especially if it is made from delicate fabric, must be air-dried. It is essential that you keep it without ironing the gown first because the process may cause the moisture to be removed from the material.
  4. You can keep the material on a special preservation bag or something that is made from cotton to ensure its safety even if it needs to be stored for quite a long time. Avoid using anything that is made from plastic or vinyl because these can cause discoloration and eventual damage to the material.

You always have a choice whether you will go for traditional or modern gown during your child's baptism. If you will have your child wear an heirloom christening gown, you have to check that the material is well-preserved and is still in good shape for the event. You also have to make sure that your child will feel comfortable wearing such.