Christening acceptance cards

A christening acceptance card a special way of saying thank you someone who has invited you to your their child’s christening or baptism.   A christening is both a religious event and a milestone in a baby’s life people so it really means a lot and in accepting you are endorsing this chosen path and sharing the joy with the parents.

There are few examples at the bottom of this article.

Christening acceptance cards words

When considering the words that you’re going to use you should think about what you really want to say and the tone you want to use.  Do you want to a personal, grateful or respectful tone.  You should in every case convey your joy in acceptance of the invitations.

Christening cards verses

One very popular way to write your card is with verse or poetry.  This will really stand out and is often gratefully received.  Some examples are:

You’ve been a special blessing 
since the day that you arrived,
Bringing so much happiness
and filling hearts with pride...
And now that it’s your
Christening Day, 
this brings a special prayer
That God will keep you always,
in the shelter of his care.

 A beautiful baby boy

God’s wonderful little gift
Your precious little child
The Lord has blessed you with
Ever so precious to Jesus
And full of His grace
May he grow to be a man
That will always seek God’s face

Christening card messages

The message in your christening acceptance card is important.  You could write a generic message, perhaps including verse like the ideas above.  Or you could write a personal message.

A kind or compromise may be to send a card with a set message and then add a short personal note in the bottom to each person to say something special.  It is always more thoughtful to get something personal.

You can buy some really good thank you cards, or you can follow the template below to make your own

Christening acceptance card template

As I have mentioned above you can write an entirely personal card, use verses, buy a printed message and then maybe write a short personal note.

If you want to keep things really simple below are some base templates.  You should vary the text in red to suit your needs.

Christening acceptance card informal template

Christening acceptance card formal template

Christening cards what to write.

If you want to copy the text it is here:


 Dear Charles and Dianna,

   Thank you for you kind invitation to the Christening of your daughter Anne-Marie on the 16th February 2012, it is with great pleasure that we accept.

Yours ever,

Thedor and Rebecca 


 Dear Mrs CB Stone CBE,

    Mr and Mrs ATTHED thank Major and Mrs CB Stone CBE for their kind invitation to the Christening of their son Master Theodor Stone on the 16th February at 1100 O’Clock at All Saints Church Much, Middleford Shropshire, they are delighted to accept.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr and Mrs ATTHED