Christening thank you cards

A christening thank you card is a special way of saying thank you to those people who came to your child’s christening and maybe gave your baby something special.  The two ways to write it are:

  • From you as grateful parents
  • From your baby

As a christening is both a religious event and a milestone in a baby’s life people will often keep a christening card as a special memory of the day – this is worth bearing in mind as it is perhaps a more significant card than say a birthday ‘thank you’.

There are few examples at the bottom of this article.

Christening thank you cards words

When considering wording you should think about what you really want to say and the tone you want to use.  Do you want to strike a personal, grateful or respectful tone? 

If somebody did something special for you or your baby then you should really mention it, perhaps they gave your baby some money, a candle or made some food for the party, either way it is nice to mention.

In coming to a christening most people are offering you support in the way you have chosen to raise your children, this is not a small undertaking and it may also be worth mentioning.

Christening cards verses

One very popular way to phrase you card is with verse or poetry. This can often say something both special and magical in its own right.  People sometimes think of verse as more than text because it’s rhythm and language touch more of you than simple words.

Some possible examples that you are more than welcome to use for a thank you card are:

“Although too tiny to speak my mind, your thoughtful gift was ‘oh so kind. Thank you for sharing my Christening Day and sending your love and blessings my way. I hope you all had a great time with me, remember that you made this little girl as happy as can be”


 “A loving note can barely say

all we felt that magic day.

A heartfelt thanks is sent to you

for your thoughtful gift and wishes, too”

Christening card thank you messages

The message in your christening thank you card is important.  You could write a generic message, perhaps including verse like the ideas above.  Or you could write a personal message to each person in turn. 

A kind or compromise may be to send a card with a set message and then add a short personal note in the bottom to each person to say something special.  It is always more thoughtful to get something personal.

Christening thank you card template

As I have mentioned above you can write an entirely personal card, use verses, buy a printed message and then maybe write a short personal note.

Christening thankyou card example

Christening cards what to write

Assuming you are going to write the whole thing yourself  possible example of a thank you note for young Felix is:

Last Sunday was a very special milestone for Felix.  It was a wonderful day made all the more special by your presence, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  It really meant a lot to us that you were with Felix and us, before God, to welcome him in to the Church and give him the best of starts in this world.

The gift that you gave Felix was wonderful, while he is too small to know, he will love it in the future I am sure. It was such a thoughtful and kind gift and really meant a lot.  We will treasure it until Felix is big enough to use it.

It meant so much to us as parents that you took the time to choose something so special for our son, once again thank you for your kind gift.