If you are a Christian single, the ability to look for other singles on sites, such as ChristianMingle or ChristianCrush, can be a godsend. However, the major problem with any online dating site is that is there is a large amount of time spent screening strangers for potential dates. First, you need to locate the profiles and associated pictures that interest you. After careful scrutiny, you begin the process of sending electronic messages and calling one another. Finally, you set up a first date. Typically, this should be an exciting venture, but as most people who have tried online dating know the success of the first date can still be hit or miss despite your best efforts. Why is that? There are several reasons.

For starters, it is not uncommon for people to alter their pictures and fib on their profile. This is not necessarily intentional or altogether surprising as most like to show themselves in the best light. If you add this to the situation inherent in dating, it is rare to find a completely honest profile. Long distance forms of communication such as email or phone calls can often fall flat. Research from the field of psychology has shown us that most communication between people is in fact nonverbal. As a result, there is no substitute for the amount of information you can retrieve by seeing a person in person. This is why video profiles can offer a significant advantage to those utilizing Christian dating sites.

ChristianCrush is currently one of the only Christian dating sites that provide the option of video profiles. ChristianMingle does not have this benefit available to their members. They also do not offer a personality assessment based on the Big Five personality assessment test that ChristianCrush has. This assessment covers a person’s openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. This level of detail is seen because ChristianCrush was developed by a licensed psychologist with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Moreover due to the fact that ChristianCrush is privately owned, they also have the ability to read each profile for integrity before it is even made visible to members. While ChristianCrush values its members, they also make it a point to follow God’s word by giving back. They donate half of all proceeds from the site to local ministries and charities.