Christian Harmonica Tab

Christian songs and hymns sound particularly beautiful when played on the harmonica. And the great news is, you probably don't have to pay money to find a christian harmonica tab for your favorite song. There are several sites online that offer free harmonica tablature. Below you will find three of the best where you can search for a specific christian harmonica tab.

Find Your Favorite Christian Harmonica Tab at Harp Tabs

My favorite site for finding a particular christian harmonica tab is Harp Tabs. The tablature is contributed by users. And apparently, this site if very popular because it currently has over 14,000 users and 12,000 songs. And as of the time of this writing, over 700 of those songs are listed under the religious genre.


  • You can easily find a christian harmonica tab of the song you are looking for by typing its name into the search box. Or you can look under the religious genre.
  • You can request a christian harmonica tab if it isn't currently posted on the site. Harp Tab has a very friendly community of users who are happy to share. So, your request might be granted.


  • The home page is very busy and it takes a little time to figure how to find the christian harmonica tab you are looking for.

Check out Harmonica Country to Find a Particular Classic Christian Harmonica Tab

A great site to go to if you are looking for a christian harmonic tab of a gospel hymn is Harmonica Country . Currently, there are over 100 practice songs; and, the majority of them are old time hymns.


  • It is very easy to find a christian harmonica tab on this site. All of the hymns are listed on the home page in alphabetical order.
  • The font size on the tablature is 18. So it is easy on the eyes.


  • This site does not appear to contain any contemporary christian music. That's definitely a con if the christian harmonica tab that you are looking for is not a traditional hymn.

Praise Harps May Have the Contemporary Christian Harmonica Tab You're Seeking

A website that appears to have mostly modern christian tabs is Praise Harps.


  • The site is dedicated solely to christian harmonica tablature. This is a plus if you are not interested in any secular music.


  • There are a limited number of songs available.
  • The black background with white font is very hard on the eyes.
  • It looks like the site has not been updated in a long time. So, don't expect to find a new christian harmonica tab there.

Top Choice for Finding the Christian Harmonica Tab You are Looking For

If I could only recommend one site to find that christian harmonica tab that you want then I would say go with Harp Tabs. It probably has the majority of the songs that are found on the other two sites.

If the harmonica is a new instrument to you then make sure to check out this article on which website is the best for free online harmonica lessons.