The Christian home schooling method is popular for people who want to instill Christian values in their families. While teaching children about God in Sunday school is effective, the lessons learnt are sometimes contradicted during the week with Public School interactions.

As such, many parents have elected to not just home school their families but to provide a Christian element in the lessons to further reinforce the values which they believe in. Let's review a couple of these Christian home schooling programs.

Bob Jones

Bob Jones is a Christian home schooling program which has the following non-negotiable goals:

  1. To promote the Christ-like thinking of its users as well as help them to develop into a God's servant
  2. To aid its users to be a proper representation of God

As a result, this particular program is geared towards Evangelical Protestant home schooling families. The Bob Jones curriculum is simple to understand and it presents a lot of chances for practical, hands-on learning-the perfect learning tool for students who aren't fans of "sit down" lessons.

The Bob Jones support team has also been revered for their tremendous support and up to date information and resources which they share. This program does not take a spiral approach to teaching but instead is focused on mastery.

This involves using many concepts to teach a topic and not moving on to the next until the topic has been mastered. If the student is still struggling then the review book is an excellent source of revision.

There is hardly any busy work in the curriculum but there are drills which are created to be short and a great reinforcement for concepts.

The only real drawback I came across is the fact that this Christian based home schooling curriculum may contradict certain Christian beliefs that families already subscribe to.

This is because some of the Christian teachings were reviewed as being "a matter of opinion". Therefore, if you prefer your child to sustain certain Christian values then this program may not be suitable as they, in a sense, push their individual beliefs unto the students.

Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega provides bible based curriculum for pupils from Preschool straight to grade 12. They offer different curriculum choices which include Switched-On Online, Switched-on Schoolhouse, LIFEPAC, Horizons and the Weaver Curriculum.

The curriculum involves print-based, computer based and online based formats Its reputation is that of being easy and in some cases a little unchallenging. Some parents worry about certain concepts not being introduced until later as compared to other curriculum.

It is generally a good program but it is not deemed as the highest quality. The programs which require a lot of typing such as the Language Arts and Bible 2009 versions were reviewed as labor intensive.

It is not recommended for children who do not possess good typing skills as this is a necessity. In addition, the look, feel and function of the software is described as being outdated and slow. There is room for improvement in the software as currently it needs to be streamlined and more efficient.

Rod and Staff

Rod and Staff is a Christian principled approach to home schooling. They are not like the other curriculum out there in that their reading material is not laid out with lots of bright colors. In fact, their drawings are in black and white.

Depending on the child, this could be a positive thing. For instance, if your child finds big bold colors appealing and it helps them pay more attention then this is not the curriculum for you.

Rod and Staff is a basic, foundational curriculum which subscribes to the "old way" of learning especially as it relates to Mathematics. Some parents find this to be a good way of teaching Mathematics as it drills the information in the child's head and is the tried and tested way of retaining math skills.

They believe in mastering each lesson before moving on to something different. Also, their Christian principles are seen throughout the lessons even Math!

The reading series is purely biblical and it captivates its readers. The teachers' manuals are thorough and easy to use. It is an easy, simple to follow, yet thorough curriculum which definitely covers foundational skills that are never forgotten.