Introduction to Christian Liberty

Feminism is one of the most debated topics in every religion. Somehow, the position of women in society remains a struggle. Women are always assumed to make family and child-bearing a priority and these two are considered an inferior endeavor than working and having a professional career. Feminism is no different.

Mainstream media have been active in reshaping this image. However, the efforts are still jaded. Even in movies where women are supposed to take a position of power, the end would still show the woman choosing to stay home to support the career of the husband or juggle both but keep family as the priority. Female may have expanded its reach but is has not been removed as the beacon of domesticity.

The Bible is said to contribute to this belief with many passages affording women the primary responsibility of staying home to take care of families.

However, true feminism isn’t about careers or power. It simply means equal opportunity. How anyone ever makes good on those opportunities should be based on performance. But if one was to simply follow the ways of Christ – there lies the greatest proof that Christianity is the first strict supporter of feminism. Jesus Christ afforded women the same opportunities, respect and trust as he did men. He made Magdalene a part of his trusted entourage. In fact, he refused to judge Magdalene even in the fact of social disgust towards Magdalene’s liberal ways.

Further, he encountered many women whose opinions he respected and listened to. Scholars have also already proven that Jesus Christs’ entourage may actually be bigger than what is conventionally known and that women were a part of his missions.

Jesus is known to never speak to a woman in a degrading or insulting way and he never considered their thoughts and ideas no different in terms of superiority to the thoughts and ideas of his male apostles. His message was always about spreading love and respect – never coercion. No wonder women were always by his side and never found reason to hate him. They loved and respected him with their hearts.


Jesus Christ as a Feminist

Jesus Christ always made sure women received as much love and attention as the males. In that time, women who were on their menstrual cycle were considered to be impure and unclean. They weren’t even allowed to live with normal people. They were also not allowed to carry scriptures and Holy items. They were considered “dirty” and were to be avoided all times. Jesus Christ went against the norm by interacting with women regardless of their menstrual cycle.

Jesus Christ effectively changed the essence of a woman. Before His coming, women were never considered important or competent enough to be an eyewitness or legal witnesses. They were never allowed to give testimony but Jesus never followed that norm. The story of Jesus Appearing to Mary Magdalene’s and making her eyewitness of the resurrection proves that point exactly.

The bible told the story of Mary standing outside the tomb while she was crying. She look at the tomb while she was crying. She saw two figures in white and later realized those were angels. They were by Jesus’ body had been, one at the head and the other at the foot.

On that note, if someone argues that Feminism, which requires that women have an equal importance and opportunity as do men, is against the proposed Christian theology, then there are so many examples from the lives of Jesus himself and from the Bible that will prove otherwise. Jesus Christ did everything to imply that women are just as important as men and they have a respected place in society similar to men.

He also made sure that his followers knew that both men and women were equal in the eyes of God. He broke many of the Judaic laws that were practices before him and which put the position of women in an inferior place compared to men (Carson 84).

Jesus Christ also famously gave the world to a woman, his mother. This is also a proof that Jesus Christ sees women as an equal with men, able to lead the world with competence and compassion.


Christianity and Other Religions

One critical point of conflict that causes others to develop distaste towards Christian Liberty is Christians’ constant proclamation on how other religions come in conflict with the belief of Christians. Islam is one that immediately comes into mind because of recent events. On the other hand, Christian liberty not only understands the faith of others but also support it.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you Luke 6:31 is one of the most popular verses in the bible. The others include the Muslims. The bible does not mention the Muslim. Thus, they are to be afforded the same understanding afforded to others. Muslims, like other religion, advocate love and peace and the sins of the few should never be held up against the majority who practice their faith in peace (Cummin 31).


Why Do Muslims Look Like Enemies?

Ten years ago, on September 11, two planes landed on the Twin Towers taking with them thousands of lives. More than the building, something more important was lost, the guarantee of security and peace that Americans and New Yorkers, especially, are used to. The worse came when the media started calling the perpetrators “Muslim Terrorists”. This connoted that Islam has a terrorist side and that there is an aspect of Islam that condones terrorism.

The mass media played it out and even mainstream art participated. The documentary maker Michael Moore made a documentary out of it, short films and television specials popped out, each with a different theory and each with a unique insight that makes that painted the whole incident as a religious war (Hammon 171).

Soon after the 9/11, came the cataclysmic reactions that resulted in many more deaths than we can imagine. Even though Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda took responsibility for the act, Osama was killed after ten years but thousands of Muslims die every day because of residual hate from 9/11. Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization that neither represents nor supports the Muslim populations of the world. Most of the Muslim world only heard about them after the 9/11 attacks. Muslims think of the United States as an urbanized country, a place where they can get education and find solace. But on 9/11, every Muslim living in the US or any other European country, felt like they were on trial (Smith).

An entirely new concept of religion, one that is attached to violence suddenly came about. Suddenly, all Muslims were violent or at least living a religion that advocates violence. Muslim was the new face of terrorism. No one seemed to remember that dozens of Muslims died in the 9/11 attack too and their relatives weren’t even allowed to attend their relatives memorial services – not because they were terrorists but because they were Muslims (Wright 78). Needless to say, that simply provoked the Muslims because they were constantly being targeted in investigations even if they had no criminal records. All over the world, Muslim parents were praying for their children’s well-being if they had any kids studying or working in the States.


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