Christian marriage retreats are available just about anywhere from sandy beaches to a desert oasis. These retreats are for a good marriage hoping to be better as well as for saving a marriage that is on the rocks.

Building and strengthening relationships through communication, education, exercises and togetherness, all while retaining Christian principles is the usual format. Although most retreats are intended for couples, some allow for individuals to attend.

Retreats such as the love-dare retreat are an example of what can happen when just one spouse changes. Some personal issues can be addressed during a retreat without the full cooperation of the partner.

Engaged couples are encouraged to attend some retreats, but the format may be somewhat different. There are a number of specific problems which are typically addressed during retreats. The exact problems will vary from couple to couple.

By addressing the issues head-on through improved communication skills, many Christian-based marriages are made better and more loving. Learning how to really listen to the marriage partner is one of the key features presented during the retreat.

Some of the problems that couples tend to address during the retreat include addictions, abuse, adversity, boundaries, conflict, adultery or affairs, and financial conflicts. Couples are taught how to communicate about the problems rather than becoming angry with each other.

New ways of handling conflict are taught and couples are given time to practice the concepts. With so many blended families today, issues that arise about children and step-children can be heated.

The communication methods learned during a retreat helps not only the couple's communication, but communication between parents and children or step-children. In some instances, the process of communicating about past wounds can be a big part of the retreat.

Healing can begin when both individuals recognize their role in the conflict. When communication begins, there is hope for healing those old hurts. Both spiritual and sexual intimacy within a Christian marriage are an important part of the topics covered during the retreat.

Communication on the deepest level is what makes a marriage special. This is even more true when the couple are communicating on both a spiritual and a sexual level. Most Christian marriage retreats have a good balance between work and play.

Choosing the right one for your is important. There are some that are an all inclusive retreat and others that only offer meetings or counseling. You can research and sign up for many retreats on line.