Good marriages do not just land on your lap like manna from heaven. It takes a lot of effort and commitment to build one. It may also help if you and your spouse place God at the center of your marriage.

Following are principles on how you can apply the ten commandments of God to your marriage. These can serve as useful Christian marriage help tips as well.

The first commandment requires Christians to have no other gods. This principle should be applied in marriage as well. When you said your vows, you promised to be together for life and that is how it should be – you and your spouse...and no one else.

The second commandment is related to the first as it tells us not to love an image in lieu of God. In marriage, this means you should not even satisfy your urges by watching pornography. You should love and admire your husband or wife only, and not the substitute that you see in pictures or on screen.

The third commandment states that you should not take God's name in vain. As a Christian marriage help tip, it means always speaking well of your spouse. This is an important way to show mutual respect.

In the fourth commandment, you are ordered to keep the Sabbath holy since this is your exclusive day with God. Likewise, you should make sure to spend exclusive time with your spouse once in a while to keep the excitement in your relationship burning.

Although the fifth commandment speaks of honoring your father and mother, the same principle of mutual gratitude and respect should be present in marriage. Always accentuate the positive in your mate and in your marriage.

The sixth commandment may also seem totally out of context when discussing marriage, but "do not murder" can actually mean not to destroy your spouse with uncontrolled anger. Always keep your temper in check.

The seventh commandment is probably the most directly related to marriage and is highly self-explanatory. Do not commit adultery. No explanations needed...just don't.

The eighth commandment tells us not to steal. This translates to being a person with integrity. It is important to have integrity so your spouse can respect you.

The ninth commandment urges us to be truthful. If you make a habit of lying to others then it will be easy to lie to your spouse as well.

Finally, the tenth commandment tells us not to want what we do not have. Be content with what you have with your spouse. Much of what destroys a marriage begins with discontent.

If one day you feel in need of Christian marriage help then just reflect on these commandments and they should steer you in the right direction again.