What? Christian Rappers?

As crazy as it may sound, there ARE in fact Christian rappers.  These men, and a few women, are not afraid to share about their God.  They have used their musical talents to promote Christianity and generally positive character.  These are not the folks that come to mind when you hear people talking about rap.  You most often hear people talking about, or listening to,  rappers like Wiz Khalifa, Lil' Wayne, or recent Grammy winnner Frank Ocean.  Nope, these are the guys who fly under the radar.  They have a selfless purpose in mind.  They do not use their music to promote drugs, alcohol, or foul language.  Instead, Christian rappers encourage things that could influence our youth for the better.  It is an undeniable fact that music has a major affect on our lives, so why would you expose your children, or yourselves for that matter, to the things that secular rap does?  Why would you not want to see the changes in yourself that Christian Rap could have in your life.

A few Christian rappers
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Tedashii, Lecrae, Trip Lee, and Sho Baraka

116 Clique - Man Up

Featuring Lecrae, KB, Trip Lee, Sho Baraka, PRo, and Andy Mineo

A group rap that features most of the more famous Christian Rappers.

Man Up - 116 Clique

116 Clique - Man Up Brady Justice 2014-12-01 4.5 0 5

So who are these guys?

These are not the type of people who fall into the typical stereotype of a rapper, however, a good portion of these artists grew up in rough homes.  [3]Some artists will admit to being involved in drugs, alcohol, and smoking at a young age.  On the bright side of things, they will also confess to being saved by the grace of God!  Praise God!  There are some Christian rappers that you have probably heard of, granted that you are semi-familiar with rap, such as Kirk Franklin and Lecrae.  They were some of the pioneers to the Christian Rap scene.  There are several other rappers including [1]Tedashii, KB, Trip Lee, Flame, Jai, and Andy Mineo who fall under the Christian style of rapper.  You can often find several of the top Christian rappers when the "One-sixteen Clique" comes around.  They produce songs with a large compilation of Christian artists.  These artists are slowly making a name for themselves.  [2]Lecrae was even a 2013 Grammy winner!  Even though you probably have not heard of most of them, their work is very impressive. 

The Glory of God - Shai Linne

One of Shai Linne's best songs.

The Glory of God

The Glory of God - Shai Linne Brady Justice 2014-12-01 3.0 0 5
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One of my favorite albums. In my opinion, this album is Lecrae's best work yet.

Where should I start listening?

A legitimate alternative to secular rap

If you are interested in Christian Rap, you can start listening now!  There are several great places to start.  Many people are big fans of Lecrae.  He performs a wide variety of slower songs, raps, and splashes of hip hop.  Some people like Toby Mac because he has several hip hop elements in his music.  If you wish to find a singer with a strictly rap repertoire, you may look at guys like Tedashii, KB, or Trip Lee.  If you want to test the variety, you can always check Pandora Radio, iTunes, or YouTube. Christian Rap is no different from secular rap, aside from the usage of lyrics to promote positive character and Christianity! So why not give it a shot?  It will change your outlook on life, and it will no doubt be for the better!

Tedashii - Dum Dum featuring Lecrae

I really like this song by Tedashii.  It is a very upbeat song that is fun to dance to!

Dum Dum - Tedashii (ft. Lecrae)

Dum Dum - Tedashii (ft. Lecrae) Brady Justice 2014-12-01 4.0 0 5
Eye On It
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Toby Mac is a great Christian Hip/Hop artist. He is not quite what I would consider rap, but he is a great artist.