William Carey was an early Christian religious worker and missionaryAccording to Christian teaching, everything that a person does is to be done to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31), and so there is a religious component to every kind of labor. There are, however, certain Christians who would be classified as religious workers because they labor full time for the Christian church or have a specifically religious orientation to their labors. Here are the major categories of Christian religious workers and a brief outline of the jobs performed under each grouping.


The most obvious religious worker in the Christian tradition would be the pastor/priest/preacher. Most Christian churches will have at least one of these religious workers who acts as the head of a congregation, provides most of the religious instruction to church members, visits the sick, and so forth. Sometimes this religious worker is paid, but not always, and many pastors/priests/preachers both serve the church in this capacity and hold down another job.


Strictly speaking, the Christian religious worker who is a missionary works in an area where there are few Christian believers and endeavors to share the gospel and attract converts. Missionaries do not have to do their religious work in a foreign land, although that is what most people think of when missionaries are mentioned. Many missionaries raise financial support from other Christians for their work, while others act as missionaries and hold down other jobs.

Christian Schoolteachers

There are also Christian religious workers employed full time at Christian schools and seminaries all around the world. A Christian religious worker who is employed at a Christian school will typically teach the basic subjects like reading, writing, arithmetic, science, history, Bible, and theology to students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. As with other schools, those who teach teenagers will specialize in one or more of these subjects. Christian Bible colleges and seminaries employ professors as Christian religious workers, and their job is exactly the same as Christian schoolteachers of grades K–12 except that they deal with older students.

Christian Relief Workers

Christian relief workers, those individuals who provide humanitarian aid to others, make up the final major category of Christian religious workers. Doctors and nurses who help impoverished areas to receive quality medical care, those who supply food, water, and other essentials after a natural disaster, and other such persons would be included in this category.


There are several other kinds of Christian religious workers, but most of them will have jobs that fit at least broadly into one of these four categories. All of them are essential to the growth of the Christian church around the world.