As I was getting my coffee I looked out the window and what did I see, no tiny reindeer but a blanket of snow. The wind barely blew as the big snow flakes continued to fall. I knew without looking that the schools would be closed. I would not be delivering meals to the elderly as the Senior Center would also be closed.

So as I reflect on what this may mean to the children who will have no school I am caught between worry and joy. For many of the students it will be a play day of joy. Sledding or skating, building snowmen, and snow forts each one a joy to behold.

But for too many it will mean a day without a hot meal, sitting in a cold house, being left alone with no TV, or toys. Some may even have to sit out in the cold because they are homeless. What of these poor children who suffer through no fault of their own.

Many schools provide the only meal some of these poor children will have each day, when school is out they do without. What can we do to see this is not the case? We have the power, we have the means, but what we don't have is the leadership we need. someone to step up and take charge and insure these children are not forgotten.

It is not a one man/women's job, for every city that has school closings due to weather or what ever there needs to be a leader to take up the cause.

I know what the reasons are that it won't be done, and you do too. There is no money for the project; well raise the money. There is no place to do it: Find a place, a church, senior center, community center. There is no time: if it was someone you loved dear you would find the time, it takes less than you think.

What is wrong with this country when the news people are more concerned about is why a golfer had an accident and what his personal life is all about, then how we can help those less fortunate. Why can we raise such a stink about a health care bill that will cause the nation to go further in debt and still not work, than we are about housing for the people out of work or jobs so that they can maintain a life of dignity.

There was more money spent on trial and investigation that resulted in little or no punishment that if only half that money had been used to help the needy we may not be in a recession.

Everyone wants the government to do something, but they don't want to pay for it. If half the government work force were to be cut like the civilian work force there would be chaos. Riots in the streets, looting like we have never seen. Crime would jump ten fold. No we built the monster and it still grows. This can only be stemmed by less spending on projects we can do without.

We as a people have the chance to make this Christmas Season a memorable one all it takes is each of us doing one thing for someone in need, each one being a giver, each one opening up their wallet and their heart.

Let me suggest a few things you can do:

Donate time at a home for the elderly, hospital, or shelter

Give generously at the Salvation Army kettles

Offer a ride to someone

Take someone to a meal

Give of those things you no longer use to the food and clothes closets in your community.

Offer to have a fun day for those children in need by opening your home to them and provide them with a meal.

Let's all work together and make it a Merry Christmas for everyone.